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16 Questions No One Wants To Hear Over The Holidays

No, Aunt Ida, I'm not married yet.

1. "Are you seeing anyone?" / Via Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

2. "What happened to that last person you were dating? We liked them!" / Via Paramount Pictures

3. "Are you doing well in school?" / Via 20th Century Fox

4. "Are you still at that job you hate?"

5. "So...Who'd you vote for?"

6. "How about that Trump?" / Via Singer-White Productions

7. "What's your stance on immigration?" / Via Paramount Pictures

8. "Is that what you're wearing?"!/page2 / Via NBCUniversal Television Distribution

9. "What'd you do to your hair?" / Via NBC Sports

10. "Did you gain weight?"

11. "How are you doing with money?" / Via Warner Bros. Pictures

12. "Have you started planning for your retirement?" / Via Fox

13. "When are you going to settle down?"

14. "Why aren't you married yet?" / Via Apatow Productions / DreamWorks Television

15. "Do you think you'll ever want kids?" / Via Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment

16. "Wait...Did you finish all the wine?"

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