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16 Things That'll Make You Say "I Don't Know What To Do With This Information"

These facts are a total waste of brain space.

1. This is how you lure an emu:

2. Here's how many bananas you can buy for $5 in different countries:

3. The Americas kind of look like a duck on their side:

4. "Taco cat" spelled backwards is still "taco cat."

5. And "dog food lid" backwards is "dildo of god."

6. Spoons are just little bowls on sticks:

7. Benedict Cumberbatch and Jason Earles are the same age:

8. Here are all the chemical elements and US states that share an abbreviation:

9. Most brick walkways aren't hand paved:

10. The dinosaur noises in Jurassic Park are recordings of tortoises having sex.

11. The DS in Nintendo DS stands for "dual screen."

12. Quinoa is the seeds of this plant:

13. Your nipples and your earlobes line up with each other:

14. The words "firefly" and "waterfall" are opposites:

15. From July to November, the first letter of every month spells out JASON.

16. And every color Froot Loop tastes exactly the same: