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21 People Who Should Leave Holiday Crafting To The Professionals

Ho ho NO.

1. Whoever made these baby puke pretzels:

2. The person who baked these dried toothpaste cookies:

3. The individual who has to drink this rusty gingerbread bathwater:

4. The poor soul who created these candy can-u-nots:

5. The inventor of asphalt infused chicken:

6. The creator of this book puddle:

7. Whoever whipped up these mucusmen balls:

8. The girl who baked this swamp of blueberry muffins:

9. The inventor of traffic cone treats:

10. The person who made these mutant feral reindeer cookies:

11. The unlucky person who created edible marshmallow coasters:

12. Whoever has to eat this soggy cardboard teacup house:

13. The maker of these creepy clown cupcakes:

14. The unfortunate soul who made these peppermint poops:

15. Whoever accidentally created these homemade almond nipple pasties:

16. The inventor of Frostie the Nightmare:

17. The maker of these sad crusty cups:

18. Whoever is responsible for these green disasters:

19. The person who made this peppermint pile of bloody spit:

20. The crafter who went for cinnamon almonds and got bean diarrhea instead:

21. And whoever made these stoner snowmen cookies:

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