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    22 Parents Who Are Definitely Funnier Than Their Kids

    If only you got to choose your family.

    1. These parents who obviously have their priorities in order.

    2. These parents who know a perfect photo op when they see one.

    3. These parents who are still with the times.

    4. These parents who've got a few jokes up their sleeves.

    5. These parents who knew exactly what to do with their renovated kitchen.

    6. These parents who made this cake for their daughter's 18th birthday.

    7. These parents who knew this photo would be priceless in years to come.

    8. These parents who saw an opportunity and took it.

    9. These parents who decided to make their kids jealous while on vacation.

    10. These parents who clearly missed their calling in life.

    11. This dad who knows how to make a special day even more special.

    12. These parents who aren't feeling the effects of the empty nest, thank you very much.

    13. This dad who invented the greatest Halloween costume of all time.

    14. These parents who wrote the most perfect birthday card greeting.

    15. These parents who know how to motivate an 18-year-old slacker.

    16. These parents who know what to do in an emergency situation.

    17. These parents who made baths fun for everyone.

    18. And these parents who did the same for playtime.

    19. This dad who has no time for nonsense.

    20. These parents who can even make vegetables seem cool.

    21. This dad who wordlessly owned his son.

    22. And these parents who know how to make an impression with their decorating.

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