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    Here Are 23 Parts Of "Mean Girls" That Bother People

    Even THE BEST movies have some tiny annoying parts.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moments from Mean Girls really bothered them. Here are some of their responses.

    1. The multiple dress code violations:

    2. Cady saying she's from an entire continent:

    3. Coach Carr transgressions with a student:

    4. The actors were much older than the parts they played:

    5. The caricature of Karen:

    6. Cady's perfect American accent:

    7. Mr. Heron's ineptitude:

    8. Cady's maybe not-so-challenging math question:

    9. Mrs. George's iron breasts:

    10. The lack of repercussions:

    11. Damien's disregard for boundaries:

    12. Cady's interesting house party outfit:

    13. Who throws a vase!

    14. Ms. Norbury not knowing her own class:

    15. The disproportionate violence:

    16. Regina's totally un-PC language:

    17. Cady's awkward phrasing:

    18. Aaron's spineless return to Regina:

    19. The fantasy cut-aways:

    20. The origin of the Santa dance:

    21. Cady's bathroom lunch:

    22. The "jump the shark" ending:

    23. And finally, Gretchen's plight:

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