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29 Dog Pictures That Are Never Not Funny

We don't deserve them.

1. The destroyer:

2. He hates talking on the phone:

3. Astrodog:

4. The world's pickiest eater:

5. Postal:

6. New hat:

7. Welcome treat:

8. This is what happens when you put a child's tie on a dog:

9. Regular kid:

10. Give him a hand:

11. Creature from the deep:

12. "Only dog at the llama orgy":

13. Snog:

14. Bee careful:

15. Dog-in-training:

16. Who's there:

17. Ma'am. MA'AM:

18. Photobombed:

19. On fleek:

20. The narcissist:

21. Otter space:

22. Guard dog:

23. This belongs in a museum:

24. Oink, oink:

25. Old dog/new trick:

26. You can tell by the way I use my walk:

27. Who's a good boy:

28. Surprise:

29. Justice:

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