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29 Times Dogs Were The True Stars Of Tumblr

Dogs: always stealing the show.

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1. When being coy:

2. When making amends:

3. When making friends:

4. When in the buyer's market:

5. When turning the tables:

6. When entertaining guests:

7. When keeping biologists on their toes:

8. When camouflaging:

9. When considering linguistics:

10. When dealing with criminal justice:

11. When blending in:

12. When practicing personal hygiene:

13. When being compared to other species:

14. When summoning the dark arts:

15. When palindrome-ing:

16. When helping with homework:

17. When dealing with customer service:

18. When developing:

19. When dating:

20. When protecting the homestead:

21. When playing in the snow:

22. When patrolling:

23. When blending in:

24. When learning about service:

25. When doing their duty:

26. When stylin':

27. When hot:

28. When getting replaced:

29. When earning immortality:

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