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    Does Kylie Jenner Know How To Use A Chair: An Investigation

    You're gonna have to sit down for this...

    We are gathered here today to discuss whether or not teenager with lips Kylie Jenner knows how to sit in a chair.

    Let's look at the evidence...

    EXHIBIT A: No.

    In a valiant first attempt, Kylie Jenner tangles her body in what can only be described as a half-downward dog half-half Nelson. There is pain in her eyes.

    EXHIBIT B: Also no.

    Kylie Jenner manages to knee the chair in its crotch but never succeeds in actually sitting.

    EXHIBIT C: OK, almost!

    Kylie Jenner nails the sitting position here, but she does it on the wrong part of the couch. Somewhere in the distance, AC Slater weeps.


    Here Kylie Jenner identifies the correct part of the chair for sitting but hovers above it like it's an airport toilet seat. She has come so far.


    In a devastating setback, Kylie Jenner mistakes a chair for a confession bench and kneels. She presses her dog to her ear hoping he may whisper some tips, but he remains silent.

    EXHIBIT F: Still no.

    Kylie Jenner hires a professional chair-user to coach her into sitting properly, but even a seasoned veteran can't break Kylie of her extreme and pathological mistrust of seats.

    EXHIBIT G: :(


    EXHIBIT H: No, no, no.

    Kylie Jenner attempts a maneuver called Wet Log Lodged In The Back Seat of a Toyota Corolla. It is unsuccessful.

    EXHIBIT I: Ugh, no.

    In her wild desperation, Kylie Jenner attempts to sit with no chairs in sight. Concerned, her friends and family encourage her to take a break from chair-sitting. Still, Kylie Jenner powers on.

    EXHIBIT J: Not happening.

    Kylie Jenner hopes to distract onlookers from yet another chair-sitting fiasco by hiding behind an oversized cell phone. It doesn't work.

    EXHIBIT K: Small steps.

    Kylie Jenner manages to fit her entire body onto a chair. Is she sitting? Even a toddler would agree that no, she is not. But she is grateful for this progress and takes a moment from all her hard work to bask in it.


    Kylie Jenner keeps a hand grounded on the seat to steady herself against the unfamiliar feeling of almost-sitting. "I've seen a mermaid do this once," she tells her chair-spotter, just off camera. "Like, not a real one though."

    EXHIBIT M: Heartbreak.

    Kylie Jenner, overconfident from her recent successes, mistakes fellow clothes wearer Cara Delevingne for a chair and attempts to sit on her. It's hard to watch.

    EXHIBIT N: Kinda!

    With half of her body poised in the seat-sitting position, Kylie Jenner is just one leg away from sitting in a chair. A fellow chair-novice closes her eyes and imagines what it will be like when she gets that far in chair sitting.

    EXHIBIT O: No :(

    Kylie Jenner wrestles the backseat of a couch in an absolute Hail Mary attempt at sitting. Thankfully she remains uninjured.


    Kylie Jenner pulls off the most crucial step in sitting: maintaining seat-to-butt contact. If she can accomplish this in an actual chair, she will have reached her goal.


    Here we can see seat-to-butt contact but it's unclear if Kylie Jenner is sitting in a chair or decoratively draping her body across what appears to be the Jeep from Jurassic Park.

    EXHIBIT R: YES!!!!!

    KYLIE JENNER IS SITTING IN A CHAIR! Her form is wobblier than a newborn giraffe ice skating on Teflon but her butt is seated in that seat!

    Please give her the sitting ovation she's worked so hard for. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘