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John Oliver Hits 23 Celebs In The Face With Salmon On "Last Week Tonight"

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On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver introduced the world to the salmon cannon, which is a real thing someone invented to help salmon pass through hydroelectric dams when they swim upstreaming during the spawning season.

Facebook: video.php / Via HBO

Where can I buy one?

So obviously Oliver had to build his own salmon cannon and test it out on his peers:

Facebook: video.php

1. Jon Stewart

2. Jimmy Fallon


3. Michelle Beadle

4. Dwight Howard

5. Kelly Ripa

6. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet


7. Stephen Colbert

8. Ellen Pompeo

9. J. J. Abrams

10. R2D2


11. David Letterman

12. Homer Simpson

13. Joel McHale

14. Wanda Sykes


15. Mario Batali

16. Wayne Brady

17. Anderson Cooper

18. Seth Meyers


19. Sharon Case

20. Meredith Vieira

21. Rachel Ray

22. and Tom Hanks.