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21 Presents That Are So Obviously Gift Cards

Ugh, at least TRY to disguise it!

1. I'll bet you 100 dollars this is a gift card.

2. Clearly a gift card.

3. Definitely a gift card.

4. Gift card.

5. Gift card.

6. A gift card cut into 94 pieces.

7. No doubt in my mind this is a gift card.

8. Oh, wow. Wouldja look at that. Another gift card.

9. Can't believe how many gift cards I'm getting this year.

10. Buncha gift cards in here.

11. REALLY BIG gift card in here.

12. No doubt in my mind that this is a gift card.

13. Omg, another freaking gift card.

14. Gift card.

15. Gift card.

16. Doll-shaped gift card.

17. Gift card to church, I guess.

18. Sentient gift card.

19. Stinky gift card.

20. Ughhh, another gift card.

21. Absolutely, definitely, unmistakenly a gift card.

Oh, never mind. It's just a dumb iPhone. 😞