16 Celebrities Who Are Definitely Time Lords

Money can’t buy everything, but it can apparently buy a time machine.

1. Jennifer Lawrence and Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat circa ~1958

Getty / Jason Merritt (left), imgur.com (right)

2. Conan O’Brien and Civil War soldier Marshall Harvey Twitchell circa ~1861

Getty / Jason Merritt (left), pbs.org (right)

3. Jimmy Fallon and Turkish politician Mahir Çayan circa ~1960

Getty / Stephen Lovekin (left), en.wikipedia.org (right)

4. Queen Latifah and American author Zora Neale Hurston circa ~1940

Getty / Frazer Harrison (left), commons.wikimedia.org (right)

5. Orlando Bloom and Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu circa ~1877

Getty / Jason Merritt (left),grigorescu.artmuseum.ro (right)

6. Bruce Willis and U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur circa ~1945

Getty / Gareth Cattermole (left), Getty / Archive Photos (right)

7. Maggie Gyllenhaal and American journalist Rose Wilder Lane circa ~1920

Getty / D Dipasupil (left), en.wikipedia.org (right)

8. Andrew Garfield and Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky circa ~1897

Getty / Michael Loccisano (left), en.wikipedia.org (right)

9. Leonardo DiCaprio and student Judy Zipper circa ~1960

Getty / Brenda Chase (left), lo-parksthecar.tumblr.com (right)

10. Eddie Murphy and this well-dressed man circa ?

Getty / Frazer Harrison (left), mattstopera.tumblr.com (right)

11. Alec Baldwin and U.S. President Millard Filmore circa ~1850

Getty / Cindy Ord (left), commons.wikimedia.org (right)

12. Zach Galifianakis and French designer Louis Vuitton circa ~1860

Getty / Andrew H. Walker (left), en.wikipedia.org(designer) (right)

13. Tommy Lee Jones and U.S. President Andrew Johnson circa ~1875

Getty / Stephen Lovekin (left), en.wikipedia.org (right)

14. Charlie Sheen and American abolitionist John Brown circa 1846

Getty / Kevin Winter (left), en.wikipedia.org(abolitionist) (right)

15. Nicolas Cage and this fancy gentleman circa ~1880

Getty / Malcolm Taylor (left), ebay.com (right)

16. Brad Pitt and German psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach circa ~1910

Getty / Frederick M. Brown (left), en.wikipedia.org (right)


This post previously misidentified the John Brown photo from 1890, but it is actually from 1846.

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