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22 Objects Fitting Perfectly Into Other Objects

Be still, my anal-retentive heart. Via

1. This piece of pasta nestled in the bosom of a wooden spoon.

2. This can sliding ever so gently down the mouth of a cup.

3. This orange stuck snugly inside an avocado hole.

4. This tea infuser enveloping a clementine in its meshy clutches.

5. This bottle slipping down the tube of a toilet paper roll.

6. These cookie fortunes nuzzling the edges of an Altoids tin.

7. These jump drives cuddling right into a USB port.

8. This mattress pad filling every edge of a doorframe.

9. A sippy cup lid suctioned to the rim of a wine glass.

10. This Snapple bottle barreling down a Pringles chute.

11. These dipping sauces plugging every hole of a chair back.

12. This water bottle holder embracing a jar of Nutella.

13. This NintendoDS jammed into a Super Nintendo system.

14. This container of oats licking the sides of a wine cooler.

15. This dime riding a remote control.

16. This stool diving head first into a dog dish.

17. This cookie placed ever so delicately in the lid of a coffee cup.

18. This lime stuffed inside a glass of water.

19. This kiss teasing the hole of an iPhone case.

20. This sugar cube cradled by a wrench.

21. This pan perfectly packed into a dishwasher.

22. And this kitty in her kitty-sized hole.