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    We Played "For Honor" With Celebrities (And Got Destroyed)

    When Ubisoft x Twitch Prime co-hosted a celebrity live stream of Ubi's new hack n' slash game For Honor, everyone was getting along fine...until we started playing.

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    You can watch the full For Honor massacre here. Be warned: things get stabby.

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    We could tell immediately that the atmosphere at the For Honor Twitch stream was, er, warlike.

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    There was a very "stab-permissive" vibe at ESL Studios that day, my friends.

    Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) had fun practicing For Honor.

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    That's not the face of someone who's looking to stab us. Or so we THOUGHT.

    Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo), on the other hand, brought that trademark Dothraki intensity.

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    Jason turned out to be a real sweetheart, but the man enjoyed a good stabbing.

    Jason and Alfie played on a team with Gamer-In-Chief Jessica Chobot, so we liked their chances for victory.

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    Practicing the ancient Dothraki greeting: The righteous Double High Five.

    But they were facing off against Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), who knows all about stabbing...

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    She gets real offensive with those zombies in The Walking Dead.

    ...and Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson, one of the UFC's most dangerous mixed martial artists.

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    These other folks fight in TV shows, Demetrious throws hands IRL. And he doesn't lose.

    The celebs battle was straight up savage, but in the end Lauren and Demetrious prevailed.

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    Lauren showed off some of that "offensive mindedness" she told us about.

    Jason and Alfie were left dealing with the frustration of defeat.

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    Don't worry, they got over it.

    By the time he faced off against us, the smiles were gone and Alfie had gained Momoa-like ferocity.

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    There's the Theon Greyjoy GoT fans know and love.

    Luckily for Alfie, he got to take out his frustration on us, a couple of For Honor N00bs.

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    Our performance was pretty pathetic, tbh.

    At the bloody end of our match there was only one word left to describe it:

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    Also Pictured: Kelsey's "You Just Got Destroyed, Bro" face.