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So Sweet It Will Melt Your Face

America's Got Talent viral pariahs Aaralyn and Izzy release a new album. It's not terrible.

ericao • 4 years ago
jasono5 • 4 years ago

How to Make Pantera Adorbs

America's Got Talent quarter finalists Aaralyn and Izzy are at it again. Covering the Pantera classic 'Walk' and wishing lead singer Phillip Anselmo a Happy Birthday.

ericao • 5 years ago

Not Your Average Rudolph

Aaralyn and Izzy of Murp give a quite a different take on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

ericao • 5 years ago

Dave Navarro Tweets About Awesome Cover Of Mountain Song

Mini rockers Aaralyn and Izzy cover the Janes Addiction hit Mountain Song.

ericao • 6 years ago
ericao • 6 years ago

Not So Sweet Lullaby

Lullaby crash by Murp

ericao • 6 years ago

Look Out Marilyn Manson!

Little head banger's Murp blast out this Eurythmics classic just before bedtime!

jasono5 • 6 years ago

Kids Singing A Metal Frosty The Snowman

She doesn't know the words, but that hardly matters...

ericao • 6 years ago


Here's a picture of my pet.

ericao • 7 years ago

Supergirl And Frankenstein Metal Band

Murp is back at it again...those little devils

ericao • 7 years ago

Perry Farrell Lost So Much Weight!!!!

Treat me like a mad dog?

ericao • 7 years ago

Murp- Fireworks

Youngest metal band ever

ericao • 8 years ago

Don't Brush My Hair In Knots

A 3-year-old girl goes ballistic about her hair being in knots, while her brother plays drums.

ericao • 8 years ago