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    24 People Demonstrating Why We Can't Have Nice Things

    See? There are plenty of people more awkward than you.

    1. This person.

    2. And this guy.


    3. The grieving granddaughter.


    4. The horse whisperer who went too far.


    5. Anyone who thinks this is OK.

    6. The student driver who doesn't know how to use parking spaces.

    7. The guy who doesn't know what glass looks like.

    8. The mother who showed her sons some new moves.

    9. The person who really made use of these salt-and-pepper shakers.


    10. The cake decorator who made this grad's day.

    11. The son who flashed a little something extra for the camera.


    12. The sommelier who found a way to remove the cork.

    13. This magician.

    14. The person who forgot this delicious bag of gummy worms on the dash.

    15. The parents who came up with this name list.


    16. The driver who gets really creative at the pump.

    17. The daughter who's making her parents proud, one tat at a time.

    18. The couple who will definitely make sure their child knows how to read.

    19. The person who's seriously just trying to have better oral hygiene.


    No matter the cost.

    20. The Taco Bell employee who likes to taste test the product.


    21. The driver who just installed a sweet new seat.

    22. The farmers who have no idea what tomatoes or deer look like.


    23. The kids who just wanted to take a cool photo.

    24. The girl who fell asleep before applying sunscreen.