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27 Things Only Ladies With Small Boobs Will Understand

Is it legal to marry my bandeau yet?

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1. Cleavage? Yeah, not a part of your vocabulary.


You can stuff, you can hoist, you can tape, you can use any mechanism of modern engineering -- but nope, girl, nothing's ever gonna peek out of THERE.

2. Going braless isn't as easy as our bigger-boobed counterparts may think it is.

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We still need nip coverage and shaping, or else it'll look like a bird's-eye view of two tents being pitched inside our shirt.

10. The visceral anguish of strapless tops.

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1. It's going to fall down ALL DAY.

2. My shoulders are broad and I don't have boobs to balance it out, so I look like a linebacker.

3. The weird armpit fat cleavage — NO ONE LIKES THIS.

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