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    18 Gifts For The Person Who's Basically Always At A Concert

    Presents that totally rock.

    1. A ticket stub diary so they have a place to organize all their memories that isn't the random junk drawer in the corner of their room.

    2. Or a memorabilia box to put on display, if a kitschy vibe is more their thing.

    3. An amp key holder, a cool conversation-starting piece of decor perfect for anyone who loves (or plays!) live music.

    4. A pair of lil' guitar earrings that are the cutest things they ever did see, for a fun way to accessorize their next concert outfit.

    5. A GoGirl so they'll never have to let a music-festival porta-potty cramp their style again.

    6. Mini hand sanitizers to stuff their stocking with — because a packed show is a blast, but all those germs floating around the bathrooms, not so much.

    7. A stylish Herschel fanny pack so they can tote their belongings safely without being weighed down as they cut a rug in the stands.

    8. A set of quality, protective ear plugs, because what's the fun in going to a show if their ears are ringing for hours after their favorite band plays?

    9. A personalized mixtape doormat they'll love just as much as the mixtapes they got as a kid.

    10. A camping chair for their next outdoor music festival, so they can set up shop in comfort — because once you're of a certain age, standing truly is overrated.

    11. A pair of cute and comfy classic Vans that they'll be able to toss in the washing machine if they get a lil' grimy after crowded show.

    12. A poncho to protect them from the whims of Mother Nature in case a storm starts a-brewin' in the middle of their next festival.

    13. And pair of Chelsea rain boots that are a perfect example of that whole fashion-meets-functionality thing.

    14. A collapsible flask set so they don't have to spend a small fortune on overpriced venue drinks (and also so they won't go off in a metal detector — you're welcome).

    15. A wallet phone case, because no one likes lugging more than they need to at a concert, and this makes it super convenient to store all the essentials in one place in their pocket.

    16. A board game that puts their lyrical knowledge to the test in a way that people of all ages can enjoy together.

    17. A portable Anker charger so their phone doesn't die while they're taking a video of their favorite song — or worse, when they're trying to get a car home.

    18. And a fun print showcasing the guitars of famous rock stars that they'll be pumped to add to their wall-art collection.

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