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    The GoGirl Makes It Easy AF To Pee While Standing

    Don't let a porta-potty cramp your style ever again.

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    Having a vagina is cool for myriad reasons. But you knew this already — I won't go into details.


    Unfortunately, one uncool thing is that it's virtually impossible to pee while standing up without splashing all over the damn place/yourself. All good when you have a clean toilet seat to comfortably cradle your booty so you can relieve yourself hygienically. Not so great when your only options are a porta-potty or a shrub in the woods. Cue lots of uncomfortable squatting while juggling the exciting act of emptying your bladder, holding your breath, and making sure your skin and underwear don't touch any toxic waste particles (or poisonous plants). Fun!

    The GoGirl understands the struggle.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    Basically a rubber funnel with a smart design, it's here to make sure you never have to be traumatized by an unpleasant squatting sitch or nether-region skin contact with mystery substances ever again.

    I, presumably like many of you, sometimes find myself needing to pee at festivals or other outdoor events where my only choice is to brave the horror show awaiting me on the other side of a portable bathroom door.

    Emmy Favilla / Via Instagram

    Here I am having lots of fun at a music festival! Lots of fun up until the moment I accidentally grazed my leg against someone else's drop of pee mid-squat in the porta-potty, that is! (Okay, well, I'm actually not sure if that happened at this festival. But it has happened countless times, and it's gross AF.)

    But alas, no longer! The GoGirl is truly a thing of beauty.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    Usage is pretty straightforward: All you do is press the base against yourself to "form as seal," as the instructions note, with the part labeled "up" facing up, and voilà, a stream of pee that you can direct in any which way your heart (bladder?) desires. And it's reusable!

    It's advisable to practice at home so you're comfortable using it when you're out and about. On my first try, it was a surprisingly seamless, satisfying experience (I may or may not have uttered "oooh!" out loud), but I could see it taking one or two tries before you get the hang of it — and just to generally get a sense of what you're in for before you use it ~out in the wild~.

    At less than $10, it's totally worth it, imo, to feel like a strong, powerful empress of a splashless stream, nary a worry in sight, for just one brief moment in time.

    It comes with instructions printed on a thoughtful little plastic bag for storage, and a tissue for first-time use if you've forgotten either essential item. Cute.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    (I will say that I had a bit more empathy for seat-sprinklers after the experience — it's tough when you're doin' your thing that far away from the toilet seat, I get it — but that said, there's never an excuse not to clean up after yourself!)

    Oh, and it's also available in camo if lavender isn't your thing/you want to be extra discreet while you're peeing in some bushes.

    It's a convenient, hygienic solution for camping, festivals, road-tripping, or hey — even just switching things up in your own bathroom. Who am I to tell you what your hobbies should be?

    Get the GoGirl from Amazon for $9.49+ or a three-pack for $26.98. Happy peeing!

    Cartoon Network / Via

    GoGirl sent BuzzFeed the product to try free of charge, but we weren't obligated to positively review it.