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    34 Super Cheap And Easy Ways To Improve How You Dress For Work

    One day we can all retire and live on the beach...but today you're going to look great at work — and actually like it!

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    1. Rely on a classic black blazer as a cheap way to consistently upgrade all your outfits. It's timeless and versatile enough to re-wear often without anyone noticing.

    2. Choose a stylish pair of comfortable ballerina flats to not only commute in, but stay in all day if you despise heels. Faux suede + cute elastic straps = zero stilettos.

    3. Keep track of the constant ways you can discover deals online before shopping for new professional clothes. Chances are you really don't have to pay full price — especially when shopping from discount stores like J.Crew Factory or Nordstrom Rack.

    4. Style the same basic crop top in as many ways as, well, you own bottoms. You can elevate it with a full midi skirt or just pair it with good ol' jeans on Casual Friday.

    5. Stay tuned for when your favorite stores have collaborations with higher-end labels, like Madewell's current line with Karen Walker. That way you can add sophisticated, upscale-looking pieces to your work wardrobe for a whole lot less than if you were to shop from the designer.

    6. Dress for success (sorry) by going for a midi number that hits right below your knees. Even the least expensive pieces look Mad Men–worthy when at this length thanks to its sophisticated appeal.

    7. Shop for suits and other work essentials from affordable stores that consider that their specialty, because not only do they have style guides, but they also offer suit sets at incredible low prices. Eloquii and Express both offer inspo, tips, and inexpensive options galore for your 9-to-5 wardrobe.

    8. Carry your laptop fashionably without ~shouldering~ the burden of a hefty credit card bill by choosing a faux leather tote. Repeat after me: backpacks do not follow me after graduation.

    9. Stock up on opaque black tights that you'll probably use, oh, 1,000 times this fall and winter. By buying them in packs, you save money and are never short on your biggest staple.

    10. Enlist the help of a bodysuit blouse that'll keep your top perfectly tucked in all darn day. I'm pretty sure the Best Employee award goes to the most neatly dressed? Is that how it works?

    11. Maintain a *crisp* appearance without ironing or paying expensive dry cleaning bills by using some Downy Wrinkle Releaser spray. It's fast, easy, and will get you to work on time even if you "forgot" your blouse was in the bottom of your hamper.

    12. Shake up your look even if your office is pretty conservative with an interestingly-collared blouse. It'll add just the right amount of a playful touch without breaking any guidelines.

    13. Fool your boss into thinking you spent more time getting ready than you did by throwing your hair into a unique bun. It's an easy (and cheap!) way to set yourself apart without even worrying about your outfit.

    14. Raise your arms as freely as you'd like a raise — so, often — when using some underarm sweat pads. No more, "I guess I'll just give this entire presentation looking like a toy soldier" situations.

    15. Stick with high-waisted black jeans if your workplace is too casual for dress pants. Their sleek silhouette subtly helps you look put-together even if a trip to Brooks Brothers isn't exactly on your itinerary.

    16. Avoid annoying panty lines (because commando feels like a disaster waiting to happen on presentation day) with seamless underwear. It's a super-cheap solution to wondering if it's "just the lighting" or that this really is happening. Great.

    17. Keep some styling tricks up your *sleeve* with a faux leather watch that says "yes, I'm def a professional who is the fanciest in this office." No one has to know this baby is under $20.

    18. Mix and match patterns to bring pieces you've had for years to a whole new light (even if that light is fluorescent). Even pairing a boldly striped skirt with a juxtaposing top can make your office-wear feel fun.

    19. Opt for sleek basics like a black jumpsuit if your office is more casual. You'll still blend with the low-key environment, but its minimal chic design will keep you looking polished.

    20. Discover the magic of a classic wrap dress. It looks amazing on everyone and basically transforms you into the epitome of sophistication, no matter how low the price tag is.

    21. Keep a style emergency kit on hand for any awkward wardrobe malfunctions that may arise. Fashion tape WILL become your best friend at some point in life when it helps you avoid flashing the whole office.

    22. Lay down a good base with a bra that's actually supportive and form-fitting (not to mention comfortable). Finding a bra that truly fits can make a world of difference for how the rest of your outfit looks. And what's more distracting than digging underwire?!

    23. Create a pattern of striking options that are still office-aprropriate with a graphic dress. They're a lot more interesting than boring basics, but won't go against any rule books.

    24. Combine matching prints, like with an inexpensive plaid skirt and jacket combo, to create a streamlined, put-together look with minimal effort. If you want to feel extra-stylish but don't wear suits to work, this is a great option!

    25. Invest in a pair of comfortable block heels that you can actually walk in all day, because I don't think it's advisable to go into a boardroom barefoot. Plus, they'll go with everything and are subtle enough to wear every day.

    26. Add some flare to your usual work pants with a chic peplum top. Stylish, cheap, AND worthy of Meghan Markle in Suits? Take. My. Money.

    27. Let the Stylebook app do all the outfit planning and styling for you so you can actually get to wok on time AND look put-togther. Just upload pics of your clothing and accessories, and voilà you'll have your own closet assistant to lay out your Monday to Friday game plan.

    28. ~Employ~ the "third piece rule" by layering on an extra element like a long vest or printed blazer to quickly update boring office basics without breaking the bank.

    29. Divide and conquer your morning with labeled clothing dividers. Your cubicle may not be the most organized, but now you can actually find *that dress* a lot faster!

    30. Battle the office A.C. without ruining your outfit (the WORST) with a loose cotton cardigan. It goes with everything and most importantly keeps you warm when Greg from accounting turns the thermostat to -20°.

    31. Throw on some red liquid lipstick as the quickest way to refine your usual blouse and trousers combo (or literally anything your wear). I'm pretty sure this is the oldest trick in the book for looking more sophisticated, but you know what? It WORKS.

    32. Play with color even if you're surrounded by conservative dressers by pairing your usual button down with a bold skirt. The rest of your outfit will *tone* it down, but you'll still benefit from its cheerful touch.

    33. Meet your budget in the middle by accessorizing with an expensive-looking suede silver-buckled belt. It'll elevate anything from high-waisted slacks to regular jeans, so you can look fashion-forward no matter your dress code.

    34. Fight midday stains (you had to have soy sauce) with an inexpensive, stain-repellent cotton white blouse. Now you can always look adult even if you spill more than you actually successfully sip.

    Now go on being your amazing, professional selves!!!!

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