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    John Frieda's $7 Lightening Spray For Blonder Hair Is Cheap, But Has Impressive Results

    This John Frieda spray means two things: blonder hair and a fuller wallet.

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    Anyone who maintains blonde hair, or simply wants to start lightening their locks, knows that salons are EXPENSIVE. Most people find themselves spending an average of $100+...every four to six WEEKS.

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    "I can afford to keep this up if I get a....200% raise. Fantastic."

    So hold on to your seats, because I just found this John Frieda lightening spray ($7.25 on Amazon) that'll have you FLYING with happiness when you learn how much money people are saving with this.

    Promising review: "I was about to cave and get some professional highlights this winter. But I saw this product and since I love their shampoo and cream rinse, I figured I'd give it a try. BOY am I EVER glad I did! After just one use β€” with JUST a hair dryer β€” my hair once again looks like I just got back from Florida! It's a gorgeous blonde color, looks totally natural, and this smells good enough to use it any day after any shower, instead of having to take a shower after I spray it on! I could not possibly be more excited about the money and time this is going to save me, to say nothing of the access to instantly gorgeous blonde hair whenever I feel like a touch up! WOW!!! Forever grateful for this product." β€”Lisa Murakami

    Its heat-activated formula of citrus and chamomile lightens hair up to ~two shades~ in only three to five uses! For under $10, you just prolonged (if not *replaced*) coloring treatments that cost you HUNDREDS of dollars!

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    John Frieda recommends you use this only once between washes, and not to use it more than 10 times between color treatments.

    There's a heck of a lot proof, too! It's already earned 731 positive reviews and a 4.1 rating on Amazon! ~Color~ me impressed.


    "Ever since I started using this, I stopped dying my hair! You spray it on your roots right after showering, and then blowdry because it is heat-activated. I've never seen anything lighten hair as well as this does; it's so worth the money, even if you just use it as a way to lighten hair in-between dyes." β€”Violet Oh

    Reviewers even say it works on dark hair (!!!!) β€” without ANY bleaching beforehand! Someone call Hagrid, because we have a new wizard.

    "Let the result speak for itself! On the left (above) is my UNBLEACHED Asian black hair, and on the right is my hair two months later. I’m trying to go blond, but salons estimated the total cost for three sessions of intense bleaching and coloring to be in the no thank you. I took matters in my hands and so far am happy with spraying this every time after washing my hair. LOVE. THE. PRODUCT!!!" β€”LINH TRINH AN

    Most reviewers saw a major difference almost right away! It's recommended to spray on wet hair, followed by blowdrying and heat-styling. That way, the formula is activated to start πŸ‘ lightening πŸ‘ your πŸ‘ mane πŸ‘.

    "OMG, I NEVER write reviews, but this product has given me SO much JOY!!! I have been coloring my hair for 30 years, and I always hate sitting in the salon, the chemicals, and the BILL! I needed to get my hair done (full foil highlights) and my two regular hairdressers were not free, so I went on line to do some research. Every reviewer loved this product so I decided to try it. Four morning spritzes and my hair looked like I just got out of the salon! I spray every couple weeks, and I haven't been back to the salon for months! This is a seriously cool product!" β€”Lisa Mchugh

    AND it's great for touching up roots so you can prolong your next appointment β€” people say it blends ~perfectly~ with the rest of their hair, and looks natural! *Sheds tear*.

    "This is my favorite lightening spray by far. I put it on my roots in the winter when I don't get as much sunlight. As a naturally dirty blonde this spray is perfect, because it doesn't change your roots from dark to super blonde and unnatural. After a shower, I spritz some on and use my hairdryer and after about three separate sets of that, I can get my roots to match identically to the rest of my hair. I'm sure you could you it dry your hair, then reuse it again but I don't want to fry my hair out. If you want to keep up with your roots every couple of showers or so, a good spritz will keep your winter roots looking summer-fresh." β€”Maandy

    Thinking about doing a balayage? Reviewers use this for that, too! And just SEE. HOW. PROFESSIONAL. this looks! Who needs to pay for highlights? Not us.

    "I naturally have dark brown hair. I'm on my second bottle β€” I just spray on dried hair, comb (important for natural highlight look), and blow dry the heck out of it. Then, I deep condition my hair and it feels soft with a natural balayage/hair melt/sun-kissed look. People think I've had my hair done when I curl my hair now. It's a great product." β€”Emily Trapani

    It's also a popular option for lightening hair during the winter, when your tresses tend to darken. No sun? NO PROBLEM.

    "Wow! I could not be more thrilled with this product. If you are on the fence, TRY IT! I am a natural blonde, but as I've gotten older, my hair has gotten darker. Still blonde, with lots of light highlights in the summer sun, but in winter it gets to a dirty blonde/brown color. I'm always tempted to dye it lighter blonde, but now I don't have to, because THIS PRODUCT WORKS LIKE A CHARM! I spray it on all over after washing my hair (which I do three times a week) and I have gotten SO many compliments and people asking me what I did to my hair. It has made quite an obvious difference (but just use it less often if you want the results to be less noticeable). I will probably use this product for life! It is saving me hundreds of dollars to not have to dye/highlight my hair. IN LOVE." β€”susan g george

    Can we talk more about how this works on brown hair?! Between salon charges and bleaching, you usually need to make a COMMITMENT to going blonde. But now you can do it in your very own darn bathroom. Bless.

    "This product works absolute magic, I dry and straighten my hair every single morning and had very deep brown hair prior to using this. Now my hair color is much closer to a lighter blonde (somewhere between generic blonde and ash blonde). I would absolutely recommend, it gives a lot of flexibility in your ability to decide how often, how much, and where you apply the product, after awhile I was mainly using it to softly lighten up my roots." β€”MollyAnn Thomas

    Reviewers say their friends and family think they got their hair professionally done! I will not tell the world your secrets, I promise.

    "It’s been about six months since my last salon highlight and my roots needed a touchup badly! I came across this product and figured I would give it a try. I’m so glad I did! I’ve used it four times and cannot believe how much I love my color. I used it two days in a row, spraying only the outgrown part in small random pieces. I waited a week and then used it two more days in a row, spraying random pieces throughout my hair, again focusing on mostly the roots but going to the end on some strands. I dried my hair with a blowdryer and then used my flat iron to give an extra boost of heat. I am absolutely in love with the results and just saved myself $90 from going to the salon for highlights. I’ll definitely be keeping this in my makeup bag for touch ups." β€”Jbuechler

    Worried about brassiness? No need! This ensures a salon-quality, blonde finish that'll look totally natural. You may tip yourself, if you wish.

    "I’ve tried many blonder sprays and this one is the best by far! I am a natural blonde and my hair gets pretty blonde in the summer, but turns dirty blonde over winter. This makes your hair noticeably lighter even in a day if you catch enough sunlight. Other sprays have made my hair look brassy or even kind of orange/red, but this spray did not do that! It makes my hair a beautiful glowing blonde. I like this, because I can also use it in the winter with my blowdryer or flat iron to make my hair a little lighter, but it does work much more effectively in the sun with wet or dry hair. Highly recommend this product! P.S. I also brought this with me to the beach last summer and my brunette friends used it for a couple days, and their hair was noticeably lighter without any orange tones." β€”Miranda N.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.25.

    By the way, with any hair-lightening methods, this can dry out your hair! This one-minute Garnier hair mask ($3.69 on Amazon) comes in six super nourishing formulas and takes a grand total of 60 seconds to work. Aka your tresses with be blonder AND shinier!

    Now go forth and show the world your hair-flipping skills:

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