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    If You Absolutely Hate Working Out, Here Are 32 Products To Try

    You can now cross out blisters, overheating, and hanger from your reasons to not work out (sorry).

    1. A pair of running socks to help you make sure your feet are properly protected from over-sweating and blistering. These are specifically designed to ventilate, support, and cover your ankles from sneaker chafing. Happy feet = jogging for more than five minutes.

    Reviewer's picture of the ankle-covering socks

    2. A set of resistance bands in three different levels of tension that'll cheaply strengthen your arms, legs, and back when you integrate them into your home workout routine. You can use 'em to increase difficulty in yoga, Pilates, and barre, or just to maximize shorter sessions if you only have a few minutes.

    3. A large Nalgene bottle so feeling seriously dehydrated is no longer what makes you lose steam midway through your workout. It holds ~32 ounces~ and has a narrow mouth opening to make it easier to chug, even if you're mid-run.

    BuzzFeed Shopping reviewer holding a lavender Nalgene bottle, with a caption that it's the best

    4. A nonslip yoga mat for having something a heck of a lot comfier than your floor when following online workouts. It's extra thick and super absorbent, meaning even if you sweat your tuchas off, this'll stay safely in place. Plus! Having something cushiony to lean on helps you reduce painful straining on your wrists, ankles, and back.

    5. A Ring Fit Adventure game that'll help you shake up your workout routine if your biggest problem with it is that it feels super mundane. Exploring a new fantasy world + defeating enemies (through exercise!) > pretending to want to plank.

    The game's avatar running down a cartoon path

    6. A muscle roller stick, because this'll help you reduce soreness in a faster amount of time, rather than spending the next week avoiding working out due to rubbery legs.

    Reviewer using the muscle roller stick on their leg

    7. A portable personal blender so you can fight late afternoon slumps with the energizing power of delicious smoothies. Your berries have a surprise for you: you DO have the energy to tackle lunges after work.

    8. A high-impact sports bra designed specifically with DD+ breasts and high-impact activities in mind for finally saying adieu to discomfort while exercising. They have smooth body-wick fabric to keep you cool, built-in ventilation panels, and wide shoulder straps. Now the only thing that'll be painful about working out is those damn burpees.

    Reviewer in the grey sports bra

    9. A hands-free dog leash that'll make it easy to bring your pup on runs. Your jogs will feel more enjoyable now that you have your best friend in tow, and they just might challenge you to break your record.

    Reviewer's dog on the hip bungee leash

    10. A pack of extra-strong hair ties, because these are actually made for keeping thick, heavy locks out of your WAY when lunging, jumping, stretching, and everything in-between. So long, sweaty mess distractions.

    Model with thick hair running while wearing the hair tie

    11. A pair of high-rise biker shorts so you can actually stay nice and cool during extra-tough workouts. Nothing like being drenched in your own sweat two seconds into planking.

    12. A stretching strap for properly stretching your muscles post-run — important! Why, you ask? This can improve flexibility so you feel capable of tackling even more athletic endeavors (yoga...here I come) in the future.

    Reviewer stretching their legs with the strap

    13. A rotating timer that'll help you break up workouts, instead of rushing through the whole thing. Try one full minute of crunching, then take the next minute to rest. You'll feel so much more prepared for each challenge when you take a few seconds to catch your breath.

    14. A pair of compression socks, because these'll relieve muscle cramps and promote better oxygen and blood flow through your legs — aka you're less likely to give up mid-run. Not only will these keep you from stopping, but they'll actually help you push FURTHER than usual. Seven mile record, here we come!

    Reviewer wearing the knee-high compression socks

    15. A pair of pushup stands so today is the DAY if you've never done a full pushup (you're not alone). These'll evenly distribute your weight to reduce both pressure point and joint pain in your wrists and elbows — now what you once thought was impossible is POSSIBLE.

    Model doing push-ups with the handheld stands

    16. An extra-loud alarm clock for actually waking up in time to go on runs before work. Why, you say? This has no snooze feature. That's right. If you're one to always "accidentally" sleep through your window of opportunity, today is a new day. Mainly because there's no way you're falling back asleep after hearing this ringing.

    Reviewer's picture of the white alarm clock with two bells

    17. A rapid egg cooker or peanut butter packets that'll let you always have easy, protein-packed snacks on hand so you have plenty of energy when it's time to hit the yoga mat after work.

    18. A subscription to Obé Fitness, because this'll give you access to your favorite kinds of boutique workout classes, even if they're currently unavailable IRL. If you need a group setting to motivate you, you can join live classes where the instructor can see you and talk to the whole class!

    The Obé Fitness instructors

    19. A large yoga ball pretty enough to keep it front and center in your home...meaning you'll always have it *right there* to squeeze in some crunches. And! It'll increase difficulty in abdominal workouts so you get the most out of even just a quick session.

    20. A pair of 3- or 5-pound dumbbells so you have the perfect amount of weight to lift if you're a beginner. They may SEEM light, but believe you me, two minutes into your video and these'll make you feel 🔥the burn🔥. Anything heavier will be too much.

    Model with the three-pound weights

    21. A fitness tracker with all-day activity monitoring for setting personal goals and tracking your overall progress. It'll show you the impact of your workouts through steps and miles ran so you can show off your hard work to everyone 💪.

    Reviewer wearing the fitness tracker

    22. A doorway pull-up bar that'll bring intense workouts right to your living room — aka you can set personal goals and work on them just inches from your couch. Heck, do a few during a commercial break.

    23. A pair of boldly-printed bike shorts to help you keep cool during high-intensity workouts, no matter how many fire hydrants your instructor asks you to do (😭). Not to mention these are so cute, you just may feel more motivated to hit the mat.

    Model wearing the bright blue, red, and yellow graphic bike shorts

    24. A pair of weight straps, because you can wear 'em either on your ankles or wrists to add an extra challenge to beginner exercises for manageable growth. Always crushing your leg lifts now? Time to add weights 😈.

    Model wearing the strap-on ankle weights

    25. A pair of anti-chafing bands so you can protect your precious thighs while running. Welcome to a world where your legs *don't* feel like they're on fire every time you run — look who's making it to mile three!

    26. A dateless wellness planner for making it easier to plan your workouts and set personal ~fitness goals~. It combines meal prep, exercise, and self-care so you can think big picture, making it feel more manageable to stick with your new routine.

    The wellness planner

    27. A bodyweight workout poster that'll break down popular poses so you can learn what moves feel best for you — and then work your way up to challenges. Feeling ~strong~ about reverse crunches? Time to master donkey kicks!

    The bodyweight poster

    28. A pair of lightweight, stretchy leggings, because not only will these keep you cool during even high-intensity workouts, but reviewers say these are just as good if not BETTER than Lululemons. They *also* boast moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and focused.

    29. A cooling towel so you can fight overheating when you're *so close* to finishing your fifth mile. Just soak it in cold water, wring it out, and it's ready to get you back on ~track~.

    The blue cooling towel

    30. A metallic side-tie tank top for staying comfortably cool (and trendy!) while attempting your first at-home HIIT class (is it normal that I'm already panting?). It's a lot easier to feel motivated when you're *not* a human slip and slide.

    Model wearing the peach-colored metallic tank with side knot

    31. A pair of wireless Beats headphones that'll seriously upgrade your workout experience — so long, tangled wires. These have a clever ear hook so you don't need to worry about them falling out, sound *crystal clear*, and are sweat-resistant. They're definitely a splurge, but will make a huge difference every single time.

    32. A water-resistant fanny pack, because now you can keep your phone safely tucked by your side and blare motivating music while you push yourself one more mile. Cardi and I know YOU. CAN. DO. IT.

    Reviewer wearing the belt in pink

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