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    Hundreds Of People Use These $8 Twist Rods To Get Perfect Heat-Free Curls

    These Diane by Fromm twist rods only leave bouncy curls — no heat damage needed!

    I've been using heated styling tools since middle school and let me tell you — my hair is OVER IT. It turns out years of straightening and curling my hair really do leave damage...

    So when I found these Diane by Fromm twist-flex rods ($7.69 on Amazon) that require ZERO HEAT, my hair practically took my credit card and bought this itself.

    They come in a whopping pack of 30 in both short and long sizes and bend to move *with* your locks for a head of full curls. Just twist your hair around each rod, shape them to your liking (people usually do C- or S-shaped), and keep 'em in for a few hours — most sleep with them! AND THAT'S IT.

    I'm not the only one impressed — they already have 946 five-star reviews and a 4.2 star rating on Amazon!

    Reviewers with fine hair LOVE these, because it's finally easy to curl their hair — and keep it that way all darn day. That's right, these rods keep a curl *longer* than heat tools!!!

    Not to mention — and I can't stress this enough — there's absolutely NO heat damage. None. Zilch. Rien.

    They truly work on every hair type! Thick, curly, fine, long, get it. As someone with thick hair, finding a damage-free method of styling is nothing short of a miracle.

    It's recommended that you sleep in them for the ~full effect~, but even a just a few hours is all some reviewers need for bouncy curls!

    It's s u p e r easy for these to style your mane to your liking — tighten them for bouncy ringlets, or wear them a little looser for a wavy look.

    I can't even tell you how much money I've wasted on expensive products that fall — ironically — flat. And 30 of these only cost $8?! I could kiss my screen.

    BASICALLY, if you're ready for a break from heat tools but still want to style your hair this is your lucky, lucky day. You and your curls can ride off into the sunset together now.

    Get a pack of 30 from Amazon for $7.69+ (available in two styles).

    Your hair, learning that you don't need to damage it with heat anymore:

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