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    38 Stylish Things That You Can Wear Every Single Season

    Prepare for compliments ALL 👏 YEAR 👏 ROUND 👏!

    1. A front-tie T-shirt in both short and long sleeves that'll essentially serve as your ride-or-die for all 12 months. This'll go out of style when the sky stops being blue.

    2. A suede mini skirt with belted details, because this'll just as easily dress up your favorite sandals as it will your go-to sweater.

    3. A pearl-beaded collared dress so you can rely on an (updated!) LBD that works 365 days a year. New Year's? Check. Spring wedding? Double check.

    4. A pair of mid-rise skinny jeans for never needing to splurge on high-end denim, thanks to these bbs' versatility. You better BELIEVE both your snow boots and wedges will want to be paired with these.

    5. A graphic T-shirt that'll help cardigans and shorts alike look on-trend. All hail year-long, no-brainer tops.

    6. A high-waisted midi skirt with 🙌 hidden pockets 🙌, because you'll never run out of ideas when it comes to styling this chic number. Blouses, pullovers, heck even sweatshirts will go with this.

    7. A button-down floral dress you can pair with really anything for seasons to come. Sandals and sunnies, tights and boots, flats and turtlenecks, need I continue?

    8. A fitted suit for looking effortlessly polished year-round. Wearing it to the office? Throw on a blouse. More like a night out? A band tee will make it more edgy.

    9. A v-neck t-shirt with a suede pocket that'll prove its ~timelessness~ when you style it a million different ways (hellooo, leather leggings). Basically, this'll make it into every seasonal 'gram you take.

    10. A pair of belted linen shorts, because a pair of opaque tights will makes these *chef kisses fingers* winter chic. Welcome to a world where shorts can be worn 365 days a year.

    11. A ruched halter dress with a side slit so your wedding guest wardrobe consists of something more exciting than your go-to LBD. Snow- or spring-themed, this'll always win best dressed.

    12. A classic wrinkle-resistant blazer for throwing over anything from winter work dresses to light wash jeans so you always look effortlessly polished, no matter the occasion.

    13. An A-line pleated midi skirt with POCKETS that'll pair just as well with your everyday sandals as with your favorite knee-high boots. Get ready to *twirl* through all four seasons.

    14. A soft floral pullover, because this won't ruin your warm weather outfits during chillier summer nights out. And! It'll keep your looks from ~wilting~ when gray skies reappear.

    15. A super-comfy t-shirt dress so you have something a little more ~upscale~ to throw on when worn with anything from tights to sandals. And you better bet you'll never even WONDER if this is on-trend. This is more forever than your poor plants.

    16. A cotton v-neck tank for a staple more reliable than Lassie. It'll easily go with your favorite black jeans, shorts, any skirt, must I go on? You can throw this on with a n y t h i n g.

    17. A pair of snake-print palazzo trousers that'll not only keep you comfy at the office, but look on-trend no matter the month. Their flowy and loose material is perfect for staying cool in warm weather, but can effortlessly transition into winter when paired with dark sweaters.

    18. A belted, pleated jumpsuit, because this'll be a surprisingly useful layering piece when warm weather comes to an end. This + a solid turtleneck = new winter staple.

    19. A pocketed long-sleeve maxi dress so you can feel ~easy breezy~ even when snow is on the ground. Reviewers wear it to holiday parties, beach trips, apple picking, and everything in-between!

    20. A faux leather zip-up skirt for a classic office go-to that your coworkers should plan on seeing January through, well, January. Wear it with tights, flats, wedges, it doesn't matter! The limit does not exist.

    21. A sheer lace crop top that'll ~top off~ all of your ensembles — it's great for both layering and wearing alone. Aka you'll be shocked at the sheer number of ways you can wear this.

    22. A pair of mid-rise button-down jeans with raw hems, because name ONE TOP that can't benefit from dark denim. They have *just* enough details to make you look on-trend, but are still classic so you can wear 'em forever.

    23. A loose-fitting sweater so you can remain your relentlessly comfortable self season after season. It's a great lightweight choice for summer, fall, and spring, but still cozy enough to throw on over long-sleeve tops.

    24. A printed jersey wrap dress for creating a pattern of wearing this week after week to work. And if you're wondering when wrap dresses will go out of style, the answer is NEVER. You two are as good as married.

    25. A long blazer vest that'll update all your seasonal favorites — believe in the power of layering. Sweater from 2009? Good as new. Skirt you wear at least 10 times every spring? REBORN.

    26. A Herschel longline raincoat specifically designed to be used all four seasons, because this'll put an end to feeling too hot or cold every time there's inclement weather. It's the Goldilocks of raincoats.

    27. A mock neck snakeskin bodysuit so your days of struggling to dress for a night out is hisstory. Whether there's snow, leaves, pollen, WHATEVER on the ground, this'll be in style.

    28. A pair of high-waisted yoga leggings with pockets (!!!) for living out the rest of your days in stylish comfort. Is there ever a time that athleisure isn't welcome? Absolutely NOT. As long as exercise is a thing, these'll remain a staple.

    29. A high-neck bralette that'll look great both by itself and layered — its racerback provides support, while its stretch cotton fabric promises all 👏 day 👏 comfort 👏. Aka you'll never want to take it off....and I suppose there's really no need to except to shower.

    30. A midi pencil skirt with a ruffled hem and available in *23* styles, because this'll stick to your side (no pun intended) for years to come, while still adding some unexpected color and design to your look. Tl;dr: it's fun, but is truly useful all year.

    31. A plaid challis button-down so you can wear your favorite band tees even when the thermostat starts to drop. Or! You can toss it over shorts during the summer when it's only the sun going down.

    32. A printed midi dress in ~18~ patterns to cheaply stock up on a slew of chic and professional go-tos. Heck, get one for Monday through Friday for a year-long weekly rotation (but Saturday is for sweats).

    33. A pair of baggy denim overalls for wearing over your favorite sweater when your usual jeans start to feel overdone. AND! These'll bring a trendy edge to your summer vacation Insta.

    34. A collared button-down smock dress with chic tie sleeves that'll transition well into your cold weather wardrobe when wearing it over leather leggings — or really any neutral bottoms.

    35. A short-sleeved bodysuit, because this'll prove to be the epitome of a reliable style. It's basic, cute, and will cancel any fear of your outfit becoming *untucked*. It's truly a solo dream team all 12 months.

    36. An open-back rib-knit dress so you can ~swing~ into every season with a new way to wear this. It's basically the capybara of dresses — it gets along with tights, sandals, vests, and really everything else you can think of.

    37. A polka dot blouse for adding a polished touch to any ensemble no matter what holiday is around the corner — I do believe blouses will stop being timeless when white T-shirts do. Aka NEVER.

    38. A striped, pocketed cardigan that'll make shorts and jeans alike feel brand spanking new — and its super soft material certainly won't hurt.

    These clothes magically making your closet work all year like:

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