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    26 Things To Keep Book Lovers Busy (Beyond Reading)

    Take a look, it's *outside* of a book.

    1. A book embosser you can get personalized with your own name that will lead to *hours* of you going through all your stacks of books to leave these deeply satisfying impressions in them.

    2. Or a personal library kit to help you embark on organizing a neighborhood book swap knowing that you're going to get your beloved copy of Bossypants back.

    3. A bunch of bookish stickers so you can finally get around to decorating your laptop and eReader with some literary flair.

    4. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice: A Book-To-Table Classic, a hybrid book and cookbook that incorporates Martha Stewart's recipes based on the text within the actual story (because honestly, we've all had our fill of banana bread by now). Why settle for baking when you can bake with a theme?

    5. A set of Novel Teas to inspire you to cook some bookish breakfasts, complete with little quotes from iconic books on each of the tea bags.

    6. Plus a "drink tea, read books" spoon for mixing milk and sugar into said tea, and for putting a lil' smile on your face every morning.

    7. A USB-powered foldable book desk lamp you'll just want to spend hours opening and shutting and opening and shutting until it feels like you are a legitimate wizard who brings books to life.

    8. A set of literary temporary tattoos that will let you finally achieve your bookish dream: getting a full sleeve of Jane Eyre references on one arm, and a full sleeve of Pride & Prejudice on the other.

    9. Some literary soaps for Elizabeth Bennet and Mister Darcy — which I imagine smell like lush florals and repressed feelings — for your long bookish soaks in the bath.

    10. Plus a colorful Harry Potter sorting hat bath bomb that fizzles out to reveal your house, so you can keep yourself busy in the bath *and* in the ensuing existential crisis when you find out you were wrong about being a Slytherin this whole time!

    11. A copy of Tequila Mockingbird, a book of cocktail recipes that all have a literary twist, to fill your Friday nights with learning to make a "Cocktail of Two Cities."

    12. Plus a sophisticated literary tumbler to drink them in — like these Pride & Prejudice or Jane Eyre versions — complete with little quotes and elements of your favorite books.

    13. A set of literary cards and envelopes perfect for sending sweet little messages to all the fellow book lovers in your life.

    14. A journal for book lovers to chronicle all of your favorite stories, so you can remember the mindset you were in when you first read them whenever you go back to that book for another visit ❤️.

    15. Or a copy of The Story Of My Life, so you can make your own life into a book — this prompt journal is set up so you can start it no matter what stage of life you're in, letting you chronicle it for yourself and any loved ones who might want to read it.

    16. Plus a set of Little Women-themed pencils to write it all down, so Jo's encouraging words about writing can cheer you on.

    17. A pair of lightweight book-patterned sneakers perfect for all your book adjacent adventures, like walking along the foggy wet moors at daybreak to passionately declare your love.

    18. A game of "Bards Against Profanity," which merges present day scenarios with Shakespearean insults that will have you calling everyone in the group chat a "rampallion" before you know it.

    19. A "Shire" candle so you can close your eyes and self-insert fan fiction yourself into a world where your primary concern is keeping Merry and Pippin from stealing your crops.

    20. Or a Joffrey candle that'll let you relive one of the most iconic Game Of Thrones scenes in all of its horrific (nice-smelling!) glory.

    21. A personalized Harry Potter cutting board to inspire you to cook your way through delicious book recipes, whether it's some delicious pumpkin pasties or some good old-fashioned steak and kidney pie.

    22. A bookish cross-stitch pattern, like these Muggles into Wizards and Anne of Green Gables prints, so you can make art out of your favorite art.

    23. A Pride & Prejudice puzzle so you can piece together Lizzie and Mister Darcy's love story the way you had to piece together your heart all through reading it.

    24. A books and treasures monthly subscription box that comes with a different used book every month, plus little book-related odds and ends like candles and bath bombs and tea.

    25. A game of "Story Slam" that lets YOU become the author, giving you prompts for scene setting and plot twists to move your story along, with options to play collaboratively or competitively.

    26. A set of floating shelves you can install to get that cool, minimalist aesthetic that'll inspire you to take a bunch of bookstagrams.

    You scooping up all these book-adjacent goodies:

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