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    50 Things To Help You Stop Ignoring Problems And Start Solving Them

    Your afternoon WFH slump is no match for this caffeinated gum that doesn't cause any post-sluggishness.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of hooks for your AirPods to stop them from slip n' sliding right out of your ears, then onto the sidewalk, then somehow rolling into traffic, then under the wheel of a Ford Explorer, and — well. If you're constantly readjusting your AirPods cuz you have sweaty ears like mine, you get the gist.

    2. A sparkling-wine saver that will keep your bubblies bubbling so you can pop your prosecco any day of the week without resigning yourself to wasting the leftovers.

    A model sealing and then pumping the saver cap on a bottle of wine

    3. An adjustable neck mount for your phone to rescue your poor arm from the ache of holding it up during endless FaceTimes — plus, now with your hands free, virtual dinner or drinks with friends will be a total breeze.

    4. A beauty spatula that'll rescue that last lil' bit of foundation that no amount of wrestling with nozzles or the pull of gravity will free. It's been a lifetime of lost .05-ounce foundation scams, but now you can OUT-SCAM THE SCAM!!

    5. A roll-on migraine stick made with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils to help you soothe away those vague headaches you've been trying to ignore until they go away.

    Reviewer holding small roll on stick

    6. A polite but firm door sign for anyone whose Zoom calls are constantly getting interrupted by their dogs going bonkers whenever someone dares to approach the door.

    Wooden sign that says "We are working from home, please do not knock, easily distracted pets inside"

    7. A set of eye-popping fine-point pens designed specifically not to bleed through pages, so you can write in your planners and journals in peace.

    Fine point pens in 18 different colors

    8. A pack of NeuroGum made with a blend of caffeine and nootropics, designed to give you energy five times faster than regular coffee — without jitters or sluggishness afterward. That chronic 3 p.m. slump, when you suddenly have the attention span of a goldfish, has just met its match.

    9. A memory foam seat cushion for your tushy that's so effective at relieving pressure from your tailbone and back, you might not even realize how *much* of a problem you have with your current chair setup until you get that sweet, sweet relief.

    Gray memory seat cushion fitted on a rolling chair

    10. An internet-beloved time-marked water bottle you can get in a bajillion different colors to remind you to stay hydrated during the day, so you can finally stop halfheartedly chugging water at 11 p.m. and then waking up to pee three times a night.

    11. A super quiet, lightweight, portable electric pet nail trimmer that even the most easily spooked pupper or resentful cat will appreciate — its gentle vibrations make the whole process less alarming to their lil' brains, so you won't be negotiating with Whiskers for an hour before getting the job done.

    White wand-shaped nail grinder showing three different settings for different sized dogs and nails

    12. An insulated soundproofing strip that easily sticks to the outer rims of your door, so you no longer have to fall asleep to sound of your roommate loudly recording a podcast with someone over Skype.

    13. An elegant pure copper face mask chain for when you're in the car between errands. It even comes with two sets of hooks to make sure it'll have a universal fit on any mask you own (and converts to an eyeglasses chain!).

    Model in a copper face mask chain

    14. A neuropathy cream made with castor oil, valerian root, peppermint, and hemp flower that may help anyone whose sleep is constantly getting interrupted by chronic pain.

    A jar of "naturally neuro cream"

    15. A popular streak-free anti-fog spray that you can quickly apply to eyeglasses, sunglasses, and face shields to prevent them from fogging up while you're wearing a mask.

    16. A pair of wireless sleep headphones that will play white noise or the music of your choice in a comfy headband, so you don't have to risk your ears getting sore while ya snooze.

    A model sleeping with the headphone band around her ears

    17. A suuuper popular Bio-Oil made with vitamins A and E, chamomile, and lavender — you may recognize it as a product a lot of people use to help fade scars (both old and new), soothe cracked and dry skin, and help moisturize without affecting your pores, but people are also using it in quarantine to help with dry and painful skin on their hands from hand-washing and sanitizing.

    A model rubbing bio-oil on their hands

    18. A bunch of Miracle-Gro "food spikes" that can bring plants as sad as the tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas back from the brink of death, and then continuously feed them for 30 to 60 days as a bonus.

    Model pressing small green pellet into potted plant

    19. A set of adhesive cable clips you can stick to your desk to keep your charging cables locked in one convenient place, so your desk will no longer be a veritable jungle of cords that makes you wince every time you see it.

    Peel and stick clips that cinch a charging cord and hold it in place on a desk

    20. A compact Bluetooth-enabled treadmill so small you can actually — gasp?? — do a workout in your studio apartment. This compact lil' bb folds for easy, lightweight storage right under your bed. No muss, no fuss, just steps!

    21. A set of Bottle Bright tablets so you can tackle all those stains on your bottles and travel mugs instead of quietly buying new ones every year when it seems like they're past the point of no return.

    Before, during, and after of a stain-caked water bottle turned clean by the tablet

    22. A set of affordable, highly popular (seriously, these have over 100,000 five-star reviews!) wireless Bluetooth earbuds to prevent the wires on your headphones from getting tangled in your mask straps every time you want to pull them off on a walk or a run.

    23. A delightfully colorful shortcut keyboard cover so you can easily navigate through (and discover brand new!!) hacks for tricky programs like Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, and more instead of typing "how-tos" into Google every two minutes.

    24. A Pet House candle with scents engineered to cancel out all those miscellaneous pet odors like litter boxes, dog bed, and all those lil' sprinkles of pee that you've just accepted as "eau de basement" since your pet came into your home.

    A lavender green tea candle burning in a living room

    25. A power scrubber brush you can attach to a DRILL (!!) that basically does all of the hard grime-busting for you, so you don't have to have sore arms for a week just because you dared to wipe down the shower.

    one of the brushes attached to a drill next to a shower pane with half still fogged up and the other super clear

    26. A set of dishwasher-cleaning tablets you can pop into a cycle with your dirty dishes to wipe out all the extra grime and that funky smell you were low-key hoping would just go away on its own.

    27. A foot file just as effective — if not more so! — than going to a salon. This will remove calluses and hard or cracked skin from your feet with some gentle, pain-free rubbing. It works whether your feet are dry or wet at the time, and will leave your heels so soft you might start petting them.

    Before image of a cracked foot with an after image of the skin smooth

    28. A produce-saver storage container designed to keep your fruits and veggies fresh way longer, so you can finally stop surrendering to the race against time when your produce goes bad faster than you can finish it.

    29. A broom for pet and human hair that can work on any type of floor, but is specifically designed to pull up the kind of pet hair that's so deep in the carpet you've just learned to live with it. (Trust me, your actual carpet is probably a different color than you think.)

    30. A ring size adjuster for loose rings, so you can finally stop checking every eight minutes to make sure you're ring is, in fact, on your finger, and not rolling behind your furniture.

    31. A set of bed bands that will lock your fitted sheets neatly into place so you can stop shoving the loose corners under your duvet whenever you're too tired to remake your whole bed in the morning.

    32. A seat gap filler so nobody will never again have to sacrifice a beloved french fry and/or phone to the abyss between the seat and the console.

    A black seat filler wedged between a seat and car console

    33. A set of slow cooker liners so you can finally go *ham* with all those hard-to-clean recipes in your slow cooker that you stopped making after a half hour of prep led to an hour of soaking and scraping the remnants clean.

    A plastic liner in a slow cooker making a chicken dish

    34. An electric wine opener to save soooo much time and effort — this rechargeable bb will safely pop it open in six seconds without any of the hassle.

    The tube-shaped metal wine opener next to a bottle of wine it just uncorked

    35. A bottle of Londontown Kur smudge-correcting nail polish to basically vanish away those marks you get when you use your recently nail-polished hand to open a large bag full of chips a little too aggressively*, and just have to live with the blunder.

    Before image of a smudged blue fingernail and after image of it un-smudged

    36. A soft silicone ear-saver and mask-extender that works overtime on problem-solving — not only does it take some of the pressure off your ears, but it helps make a more personalized fit on masks with elastic straps that don't *quite* fit your face.

    A model wearing a mask that is pulled together around the back of their head by the silicone ear saver, which has three different toggles on the back for sizing

    37. A sleep-focused essential oils blend made with chamomile, sage, and lavender to help soothe anxiety and reduce stress before bedtime.

    Reviewer holding a bottle of "Dream" essential oil blend

    38. A set of face mask storage clips your can use to keep your masks separate from the rest of your stuff while you're out and about.

    39. A set of soft, workout-friendly Reebok face masks for anyone still struggling to find a decent mask to work out in — it's the best errand-running and *literal* running mask I've tried so far.

    40. Plus an anti-fog accessible face mask with a clear window to benefit the deaf and hard-of-hearing and ASL interpreters. This may also be a good solution for teachers of younger kids who rely on social cues like smiling and expression more than older kids who understand what the masks are in place for.

    A model in a blue face mask with a transparent window for their mouth

    41. A set of itty bitty dermaplaning razors you can use to take care of those lil' unibrow hairs that keep dodging your tweezers or work whatever face fuzzies you might want to take care of in a gentle way — an especially handy tool when many of us can't head to a salon like we normally would.