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    17 Things For Hamilton Fans Whose Love For The Show Will ~Never Be Satisfied~

    You better believe someone made a shot glass that says "I am not throwing away my shot" on it.

    You probably already heard because of all the rooftops I've been shouting it from, but Hamilton is coming to Disney+ on July 3!

    A gold poster advertising Hamilton coming to Disney+

    If you, like me, are so emotionally invested in the show that seeing *actual* pictures of the Founding Fathers confuses you, then you might enjoy some of these fun things for Hamilton superfans while we ~wait for it~.

    1. A Hamilton-themed coloring book, so you can take a break (even if you can't run away for the summer and go upstate).

    A coloring book with Hamilton characters on the front

    2. An adjustable charm bracelet that will look absolutely dashing on your right hand (man).

    A bracelet with Hamilton-related charms and quotes on it

    3. A Hamilton face mask so when you blatantly disregard your lifelong rival's advice to "talk less, smile more," you'll be able do it safely.

    A face mask with cartoon Hamilton characters on it

    4. A Favorite Fighting Frenchman candle that smells like rebellious blend of gunpowder, wooden ships, and salty sea air.

    The candle, which has a French flag pattern on it

    5. An enamel pin to skip past all the introductions and get straight to the part where there's a million things you haven't done (just you wait!!).

    An enamel pin shaped like a nametag that says "What's your name, man? Alexander Hamilton"

    6. Or a Schuyler sisters enamel pin for anyone who's looking for a mind at work.

    Three hands mid-snap with the word "Work!" written in pink under them

    7. A three-layer Hamilton necklace, so you'll have a lot of brains *and* polish.

    A layered necklace that says "not" on the first layer, "throwing" on the second, and "away my shot" on the third

    8. A Schuyler sisters sticker for your water bottle, because dismantling the patriarchy is thirsty business.

    A sticker of a pastel drawing of the Schuyler sisters snapping in formation

    9. Or a Hamilton quote sticker for anyone who knows where all the hungriest brothers with something to prove went.

    A sticker that says "this is not a moment, it's the movement"

    10. A laptop sleeve to protect your keyboard in the rare moments when you're not writing like you're running out of time.

    A white laptop sleeve that says "Burr shot first" crossed out, the "Hamilton shot first" crossed out," then the words "i don't know what you heard but whatever it is jefferson started it" not crossed out

    11. A Hamilton shot glass so delightfully literal that you'll never need to bother with another one again.

    12. A Hamilton mug so you can raise a glass to freedom (and your never-ending obsession with this musical).

    A white mug with the Hamilton characters as cartoons on it

    13. A set of photo booth props for your Hamilton viewing party, aka a revel with some rebels on a hot night.

    Quote bubbles that say "Smile More" and "I'm a General! Wheeee!" with sticks on the end of them to pose with

    14. Plus a set of digital Hamilton-themed food place cards, because yes you are young and scrappy, but mostly you are *hungry*.

    Downloads for Aaron Burr-gers, Satis-fried chicken wings, Guns and Chips, and Hamilton & Cheese Sandwiches

    15. A set of pencils with Hamilton references on them, because even if your friends chip in on the essay-writing efforts, *someone* has to write the other 51.

    A set of pencils with Hamilton quotes

    16. An Pantone phone case you can get to rep for your favorite character — from Peggy to Eliza to Thomas Jefferson, this shop has every color in the Hamilton rainbow 🌈.

    17. A Hamilton-themed bomber jacket that'll make you look like the kind of person cool enough to know EXACTLY what goes on in the room where it happens.

    A model in a bomber jacket with cartoon Hamilton characters on it

    All of us waiting for Hamilton to hit Disney+ like:

    Hamilton premieres on July 3 on Disney+, which you can score for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. Rise up!!

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