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    25 Problem-Solving Products For Anyone Who Sheds A Lot

    Rapunzel's already seen the scalp massager and magic detangling solution and smashed "add to cart."

    1. A broom for pet and human hair that can work on any type of floor, but is specifically designed to pull it up from the carpet deeper than even a lot of vacuums can reach, so you can go on an alarming but satisfying mission to the depths of your rugs.

    2. An absorbent, frizz-reducing microfiber hair towel so you have a healthier way to quickly air dry your hair without resorting to heat appliances that might further damage it.

    Reviewer wearing the towel

    3. A shampoo scalp massager you can use in the shower to massage and exfoliate your scalp — not only will it free up loose hair in the shower before it ends up all over your bedroom, it'll helping tackle dandruff and promote healthier hair growth at the source.

    reviewer image of the bristles on the blue massager

    4. A set of satin pillowcases that create less friction for your hair, letting it grow healthier in the long run since you won't have to start each morning trying not to damage it as you work through the morning tangles (or just have to wash and re-style it altogether).

    5. A detangling brush with an easy-to-hold handle that's so effective on all hair types that it's amassed over 4,000 5-star reviews on Amazon — people swear by it for detangling fast without pulling on or damaging hair.

    6. Or a biodegradable Wet Brush that painlessly and efficiently brushes through wet tangles, if you'd rather brush your hair in or just out of the shower.

    A model posing next to the pale pink brush

    7. A TubShroom, a little gizmo you can stick in your shower drain to catch all your hair before it clogs up your pipes and becomes a living nightmare. The hair coils around it to make it even easier to remove, making it both handy *and* semi-horrifying!

    reviewer image of hair caught in the white tube-shaped TubShroom

    8. Or for those of us with older showers, a weighted silicone pop-up drain protector to catch loose hair no matter how bizarrely shaped your drain happens to be.

    9. And in case your drain's already too far gone — a drain snake you can funnel into your shower drain that honestly works a little *too* well at unclogging hair, pulling it up in one fast (and semi-horrifying) go.

    10. A bottle of revitalizing organic hair oil specifically designed to stimulate and nourish hair follicles to promote healthy, long-term growth with less breakage for all hair types — and made with all vegan and fair trade ingredients to boot.

    The hair oil's founder with healthy, styled hair holding a bottle of it

    11. A 40-pack of velvet scrunchies for an easy, gentle way to pull your hair back (especially at night!) without risking any breakage.

    12. Or a set of super gentle hair ties made with microfiber elastics to not only reduce breakage, but prevent denting in your hair and give it a little extra *pop* if you, like me, have hair that looks a little thin when it's gathered on top of your head.

    13. A set of reusable wool dryer balls to pick up both your hair and pet's hair in the wash, *plus* consistently lessen the drying time of your clothes, soften fabric, and help prevent wrinkles. Truly a laundry MVP.

    A model putting a gray wool ball into the dryer

    14. A blow-drying spray designed for faster drying, so you can cut your hair-drying time by as much as HALF. It's also heat protective and helps detangle, smooth, and soften hair, so you won't be sacrificing nearly as many strands to the floor.

    15. A bottle of Elizavecca Hair Treatment, a repairing mask infused with collagen ingredients and protein extracts that will help restore hair health and reduce shedding — all you gotta do is apply it on wet hair after a shampoo, wait five minutes, and rinse it out.

    Before and after image of a BuzzFeed editor's hair, with the after image looking much shinier and curling more

    16. An instant detangling therapy that doesn't just instantly eliminate knots and tangles, but also has shea butter and olive oil to soften hair and make it smell ~amaaaazing~.

    17. A self! cleaning! brush!!!! so you don't have to dedicate a full ten minutes to yanking your dead hair out of your brushes every month. All you have to do is squeeze the back of the brush, and the hair stuck between the bristles slides off through the back so you can put it right in the trash.

    A model demonstrating the squeezing gesture on the brush

    18. A conditioning and healing castor oil full of vitamins and fatty-acids that won't just strengthen weak hair, but will help you maintain hair health over time. Reviewers mention seeing improvements in growth and strength within a week, with noticeable results within a few months.

    19. A headband with lil' kitty ears way more gentle for holding your hair back while you're doing your makeup or face masking than a hair tie (plus less finagling of your hair = less of it on the bathroom tiles).

    A reviewer with a face mask treatment on and the white kitty ear headband holding back their hair

    20. A small handheld vacuum that can easily suck up hairs in the corner of your bathroom in a hot second without becoming a full "should we get popcorn at intermission" length vacuuming production.

    Model using the handheld vacuum on kitchen crumbs

    21. A tried-and-true lint roller for all your miscellaneous shedding needs, whether it's picking up hair from the furniture, your clothes, or *gestures vaguely all over your house*.

    Model tearing off a used lint roller sheet from the roller

    22. A dry shampoo spray that helps absorb excess oil and give your roots so much oomph that you won't have to wash or restyle it in some complicated way, which inevitably leads to some breakage.

    23. A Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner duo with big teamwork vibes — each of them is made with a thick moisturizing formula to help strengthen weak, thin, or damaged hair (plus dry scalp!) and promote hair growth over time.

    The bottles of shampoo and conditioner

    24. A waterproof, reusable shower cap so you don't have to resort to washing your hair every single time you get in the shower, minimizing the amount of shedding from restyling it. It's also oversized to accommodate different hair styles and textures.

    A reviewer with a pink unicorn print shower cap on their head

    25. A super effective extendable microfiber duster to reach all the hair that has navigated in and around and under weird, hard-to-reach spaces of your home.

    All of us reveling in the glory of our hair, whether it's on our head or on the floor:

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