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    38 Pieces Of Home Decor With Big Disney Energy

    Put a whole lot of ✨✨✨ in your home.

    1. An adorable little Magic Castle suncatcher you can put in the window to sneakily reflect rainbows all over the room. (Psst — bonus points for finding the hidden Mickey ears!)

    2. A Baby Yoda dishwasher magnet so cute that washing the dishes will be your new favorite chore. This lil' bub is reversible, so you'll always know whether the dishes in the dishwasher are "clean" or "dirty" and avoid any dirty dish-related mishaps.

    3. A cheeky little Tinkerbell decal you'll be tempted to add to every light switch in your space.

    4. Or a Jaq and Gus Gus wall decal so you'll always have two little coworkers who like cheese just as much as you do if you're working from home.

    Black sticker image of the mice from cinderella taking a key into a mouse hole

    5. A "Be Our Guest" pillow cover guaranteed to get the iconic musical number stuck in your head every time someone comes over and notices it.

    Small rectangular ivory pillow with "be our guest" written in black cursive

    6. A Mickey Mouse-themed pet bed that your lil' furry friend can burrow in whenever you turn the lights down low for yet another High School Musical marathon (only god and Troy Bolton can judge me!!).

    7. A sweet little 3D foam dispenser to add just a *touch* of Disney magic to your bathroom. Bonus: you can put on push-pumps so the suds come out looking like little! Mickey! ears!! Hygiene has never looked more adorable.

    8. A Mickey cheese board complete with a pull out drawer and three cheese knives, so you can go full Ratatouille the way the universe and Remy the rat intended.

    The Mickey shaped wooden cheeseboard with cheese and meat on it

    9. A set of Disney-themed sticker mirrors to add some whimsy and dimension to your bedroom or home office, one Mickey Mouse at a time.

    10. A Mickey Mouse throw pillow that just happens to be the *perfect* size to cuddle when you're watching Frozen for the hundredth time for no reason other than it's Tuesday.

    11. A Baby Yoda night-light that you might actually draw up legal adoption papers for; I don't make the rules.

    12. An Up-themed pencil set and holder (with balloon pencils included!) that'll give you a real ~lift~ during those Zoom calls that never seem to end.

    A mini version of the house from Up with pencils in the roof that look like balloons

    13. A felt Disney storage bin with subtle little die cut Mickey Mouses on the side, perfect for stashing all one bajillion of your rotating Disney-themed Funkos.

    14. A Mickey Mouse rope tray for stashing all the odds and ends on your coffee table, with ears perfectly shaped to — be still my millennial heart — hold a three-wick Bath & Body Works candle.

    A white rope tray in the shape of Mickey with accessories in it

    15. A Tangled-esque wax warmer complete with backlit sunflowers and some real "at last I've seeeeen the liiiiight" energy.

    A yellow wax warmer with flower cutouts lit up to reflect patterns on the wall

    16. Plus!! A set of Disney-themed wax melts you can handpick from truly DOZENS of magical options, from Main Street Coffee to Worth Melting For to Galaxy's Edge.

    Wax melts with Disney themes like "happy haunts" and "minnie" and "mickey waffles"

    17. A do-it-yourself Disney castle rhinestone art piece — essentially it's like paint-by-number, except with tiny press-on rhinestones, so you have this gleaming, ethereal version of the painting at the end that you can hang up and admire.

    18. A "Just Keep Swimming" box sign for your desk, because we all need a reminder not to sweat the small stuff now and then.

    Reviewer holding hand-sized brown box sign that says "Just Keep Swimming" in white block letters

    19. A gorgeous vintage Disney World map blanket made with such cozy fleece that you'll dream of your next Disney adventure when you accidentally nap on it.

    20. A set of Disney Parks coasters shaped like iconic Mickey treats so you can enjoy the magic of them until you can get back to the parks and take 'em to the face.

    Mickey coasters that look like an ice cream sandwich, waffle, donut, and a cookie

    21. Or a single confetti glitter Disney resin coaster perfect for bringing the perfect pop of happiness to your bedside table or work desk.

    22. A Disney trinket tray you can get in a bunch of different styles from the parks so you can keep all your baubles in the same place you keep your heart (which is, of course, Disney Parks).

    Trinket trays in the shape of various Disney parks attractions

    23. A dreamy Frozen 2-inspired area rug that says, "Disney obsession, but make it subtle."

    Pale purple and silver rug with subtle floral design

    24. A set of Disney quote stair decals to inspire you to go to "infinity and beyond!!" even when you bitterly resent the stairs for standing between you and a nice nap.

    A white staircase with black Disney quotes decaled to the edges of them

    25. A glittery Mickey Mouse wall decal so you can unrepentantly Disne-fy your walls without worrying about leaving marks on them.

    A multicolored glittery Mickey mouse wall decal made of up little hearts

    26. A gorgeous Beauty and the Beast rose replica complete with inner fairy lights to add a touch of whimsy to your bookshelf, just as our favorite royal bookworm would.

    27. A set of prints with Disney ride patents on them to keep the vintage feel of your home office while still repping for your Cinderella Castle-loving heart.

    The vintage prints in frames on a wall

    28. A Disney-themed welcome mat that gently tells your guests you've definitely gotten tipsy and cried to the Tarzan soundtrack so you don't have to.

    Brown welcome mat that says "Welcome" in black, with a Mickey shape as the "o"

    29. A set of Minnie and Mickey Mouse tea towels to warm your heart just as easily as the oven warms all your unrepentantly Disney-themed treats.

    30. A piece of Disney castle canvas art with little LED lights in the sky that will make it look like legitimate magic when you turn the lights in the living room down low.

    Canvas image of Disney castle with lights at the entrance and in the sky

    31. A Disney castle-themed shower curtain so you can pretend you're Cinderella the next time you take a well-deserved soak in the tub.

    Shower curtain with image of lit up Disney castle at night

    32. A Mickey and Minnie Mouse bird bath so you can feel like an actual legit Disney princess when you walk out on your porch and a bunch of bluebirds are frolicking nearby.

    A ground-fixed bird bath with a blue dish and Mickey and Minnie figures on a swing hovering over it

    33. An indoor *and* outdoor Disney rug that's stain and UV-resistant, so the next time you hang out in the backyard with a glass of Pinot to watch Wandavision on an outdoor projector, you'll have all your bases covered.

    Gray rug with cross hatch pattern and gray Mickey icons

    34. A dainty little Minnie Mouse LED lamp, because what room doesn't deserve a touch of her iconic flair?

    A small Minnie Mouse shaped minimalist neon lamp with a pink and white polka dot base

    35. A Baby Yoda stand for your Amazon Echo Dot so that both the Force and the ridiculous charm of everyone's favorite green bb can be with you.

    an amazon echo dot in a case that makes it look like it has baby yoda ears

    36. A set of silicone Mickey and Minnie Mouse trivets to rest all your spoons and pans while you're cooking, and admire the cuteness of whenever you're not.

    A black mickey mouse trivet and a red minnie mouse trivet

    37. A Groot planter that will not only serve as a guardian to the galaxy, but a guardian to your precious little succulents.

    the groot planter with succulents in the top of his head

    38. A customizable Beauty and the Beast-inspired lamp to make a perfect reading light for anyone whose inner Belle has them turning pages late at night.

    Lamp with silver base and a shade with pastel rose pattern

    You admiring all the Disney decor in every corner of your house:

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