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    36 Face Masks In Prints That Might Make You Smile

    I'm talking Baby Yoda, Harry Potter, and all things Disney, y'all.

    Hey there! By now you've seen the CDC's guidelines recommending people wear nonmedical face coverings in public (and know whether or not they're mandatory in your area).

    Here are a few options for where you can get non-medical face masks for everyday use that are both reusable and machine washable (on top of being hecka cute):

    1. An "Ew, David" face mask for any Schitt's Creek fan whose social distancing vibe is ~a little bit Alexis~.

    2. A Baby Yoda face mask so both the Force *and* the infinite cuteness will be with you wherever you go.

    3. A Sailor Moon-inspired face mask to remind us all of our daily routines: nap, fight against the forces of evil, snack, nap, repeat.

    4. A Marvel face mask so you can assemble the Avengers faster than Nick Fury can blink.

    5. An Animal Crossing-inspired face mask available in so many colors it would make Tom Nook's eyeballs go 😳.

    6. A Dungeons & Dragons dice face mask that truly has some Big Dungeon Master Energy.

    7. A fully customizable face mask you can upload any image or design you own the rights to (finally all those pics you took of baked bread will SHINE!!).

    8. A peach pattern face mask so whenever someone asks you how your lockdown's going, you can be all, "Juuuust peachy."

    9. A Disney dessert face mask full of everyone's favorite flavor of treat: MICKEY-SHAPED.

    10. A Hamilton face mask for anyone who's young, mask-y, and hungry and not throwing away their shot.

    11. An avocado face mask perfect for those of us who are turning lockdown into guac-down.

    12. A beautiful pastel rainbow face mask that, I'm just gonna say it, has some reeeeeeal Taylor Swift's Lover vibes ✨.

    13. A Disney princess face mask so when you open a window, all the birds know you're the one they're supposed to cluster around and sing for.

    14. A cat face mask with a cute minimalist color combo to purrrfectly match everything you own.

    15. Or a dog face mask so you can finally achieve your lifelong dream of matching your doggo's face in a selfie.

    16. A tie-dye face mask, because tie-dye is BACK, baby, so if you're late to this trend ... well. You masked for it.

    17. A marble patterned face mask so you can get the same aesthetic on your human face that you do for all your Instagram flatlays.

    18. A lil' succulent print face mask, because you are a human being second, and a proud plant parent first.

    19. A mermaid face mask that will have you singing, "Bright young women, sick of swimmin', ready to maaaaaaasskkk ..."

    20. A bumblebee face mask so the next time you're on Zoom, you can peel it off and be all, "What's the buzz, guys?" (before they all hang up on you for punning too hard).

    21. A galaxy face mask for when your brand of cuteness is ~out of this world~.

    22. A wine print face mask so when someone asks which you'd prefer to drink tonight, you can be all, "Maskato." (Sorry.)

    23. A delicate floral patterned face mask to add a touch of romance to your look.

    24. A corgi print mask, because truly, what situation does not call for beholding the cuteness of a wee corgi butt?

    25. Or a dog and coffee print face mask, as a tribute to your two favorite things in the world.

    26. A '90s print face mask for anyone who's physically in 2020, but emotionally chugging Hawaiian Punch out of a disposable cup at a birthday party in 1997.

    27. A sweet lil' Smoko face mask with foodie and boba prints that demand you take at least five selfies every time you put them on.

    28. A BT21 logo face mask so you can rep for the BT21 universe when you're out and about.

    29. A Ruth Bader Ginsburg pop art face mask so your mask can reign ~supreme~.

    30. A birthday balloon face mask perfect for anyone who's celebrating a birthday on lockdown.

    31. A Vincent Van Gogh face mask for anyone who wants their mask to ~Gogh~ against the grain.

    32. A dainty floral face mask that will put a little spring both in your step and on your face.

    33. A musical notes face mask that'll pair magnificently with all the quarantine playlists you've curated these past few weeks.

    34. A book patterned face mask for anyone who's finally tackling their massive "to be read" pile during lockdown.

    35. A Pride & Prejudice print mask with actual text from the book printed on it, so you can get your lockdown swoon on in peace.

    36. An Alice & Olivia face mask in their iconic Staceface print that'll donate one mask to communities in need for every mask sold ❤️.

    All the captions of your mask selfies on Instagram are gonna be like:

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