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26 Brilliant Songs You Need In Your March Playlist

Put a little spring in your step.

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1. "3AM (Pull Up)" by Charli XCX

I'm obsessed with this song and will be playing it on repeat all month. It's '80s peppy, has an addictive beat, and is 100% the song you need to spring clean your life to: "It's 3 a.m. and you are callin' / Go fuck yourself, don't say you're sorry." PREACH.

2. "Green Light" by Lorde

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Similarly, if you're on the verge of spring cleaning your love life, Lorde's new anthem is another great tune to add to your playlist. Plus I'm so here for the '90s alt-pop vibes it has going on.

3. "Trampoline" by Kero Kero Bonito

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My March aesthetic: bubblegum-Bright sounds, glitter, and fun-but-not-too-strenuous outdoor pursuits. This song is also so pure. It's literally about cheering up a rainy day by bouncing on a trampoline.

4. "Feelings" by Iyes

EDM mixed with '80s synth. All March I just want to be surrounded by peppy pop with a nostalgic throwback vibe and this is just that. What's this feeling? IT'S SPRING, GUYS. SPRING IS HERE.

5. "Friends" by Francis and the Lights

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If you don't know Francis and the Lights, get on board with him this month. The mellow, heavily synthesised R&B is just the dreamily smooth sound to pair with your sunshine-bright spring songs.


6. "4Her" by Public

Bouncy rhythms, uplifting percussion, and a melody you won't be able to stop doing tiny little dances to. Plus the lyrics will make your heart swell and believe that maybe love isn't doomed, which is probably what we all need right now.

8. "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

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We're walking on sunshine! Because THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT. I AM SO HYPED FOR SUNSHINE.

10. "Spring Day" by BTS

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I mean come on. It's called "Spring Day". And the video is every pastel fantasy I've ever had. That means automatic entry to every March playlist.


12. "Stay" by Zedd and Alessia Cara

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The "living on my sofa, drinking rum and cola, underneath the rising sun" pre-build up to the drop is my jam.

14. "Octahate" by Ryn Weaver

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Like, this song is great, but also, Ryn didn't like the first video for this song, so SHE MADE ANOTHER WITH HER BEST FRIEND AND IT'S AMAZING. These are the friendships I want to see this March and also forever.


16. "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Betty Who

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The video for this is adorable and the song itself the purest kind of feel-good dance pop, which is all I want from now until it gets cold again.

17. "Bubblegum Bitch" by Marina and the Diamonds

If it's all getting a bit too sugary sweet for you though, let this be a reminder that you can be sugar sweet and still have bite. Out of all the seasons, March is 100% the bubblegum bitch.

18. "Mine" by Off Colour feat. Louis Rei

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Waterfall-like vocals and sweetly contagious guitar melodies. Sign me up.

20. "Da Doo Ron Ron" by The Crystals

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You know what they say, you can't beat a classic. And every spring, I go right back into the open arms of The Crystals and their perfect sunshine day of a song.

21. "The Trouble With Us" by Marcus Marr and Chet Faker

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I first fell in love with this song circa 2015 and recently fell back in love. It's perky but not TOO perky and has the kind of Daft Punk feel I go nuts for.

22. "As If" by Loop

In March my '90s levels go from about 50% to a solid 90% (haha see what I did there?) thanks to my ability to expose my neck and ankles and wear chokers and rolled-up jeans. And this '90s heartbeat of a song is a great soundtrack for that.

23. "Sweet" by Little Dragon

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Little Dragon have just brought out a new song, which is very exciting because it's been two years since we had new music from them and it's about damn time. Also the song is perfect: trippy and psychedelic and all things spring-like.

24. "XO" by Nightly

I have spent all winter surrounded by snuggling couples but now IT'S DE-COUPLING SEASON BECAUSE WE'RE NOT ALL COLD ANYMORE AND YES I AM GLEEFULLY PETTY ABOUT IT.

*ahem* This song is very good. Very catchy. Great lyrics. Just listen to it, ok?

25. "Thinking of You" by Mabel

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Sunshine and rain in one, if you're feeling something softer and smoother play the original. But if you're looking for uplifting beats, the remix is Here. For. You.

Listen to the full playlist here:

This is a monthly series. Let me know what you think should be in my April playlist in the comments or tweet me.