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11 Happy Little Things To Make You Smile This Week

Some things suck but also some things don't.

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1. This little girl with a big voice.

this is the greatest audition i have ever seen this little girl sang the hell outta one of the hardest songs to sin…


2. This amazing wedding music mash-up.

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Skip to 6:04 for the best Ed Sheeran cover of your damn life.

3. These elephants running to greet a baby elephant.

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5. This little boy who just loves geography so much.

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7. This very calm pup.

8. This wonderful, ballet-loving boy.

Facebook: video.php

Listen to me. I will fight anyone who gives Gabe negative feedback. Just tell me where they are AND I WILL FIGHT THEM.

9. This lovely little illustration.


10. This pretty doggo.

if ur having a bad day, here's this

This is a weekly series. Have something happy that you think should be in next week’s post? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!