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    58 Compliments Women Actually Want To Hear On A First Date

    You’re a little bit weird, and I like that.

    1. "Your pun game is really strong."

    2. "'Pleased to Greek you' was not only a great opening line but in-keeping with our Moussaka dinner."

    3. "The 'marriage has a nice ring to it' joke was also great. Not at all terrifying."

    4. "Seriously, you have just proved every 'women aren't funny' advocate wrong."

    5. "Your Instagram filter choice for this meal is on point. Amaro was the way to go."

    6. "I'm so impressed you just ate that whole pizza by yourself. I salute you."

    7. "And the way you're eating that spaghetti carbonara is doing bad things to me."

    8. "Anyone who loves cat videos as much as you is clearly a top notch human being."

    9. "Your tweets are just so pithy. You're a 140-character genius."

    10. "You have the most fantastic vocabulary."

    11. "You're just a really engaging person."

    12. "And also really charming."

    13. "And a little bit weird, but I like that."

    14. "Your job is so interesting."

    15. "You must have worked really hard to get where you are."

    16. "CEO by the time you're 35 is an amazing goal."

    17. "Living in your very own cat mansion is also an amazing goal."

    18. "Ambition is sexy."

    19. "You're into Simone De Beauvoir?! That's amazing!"

    20. "You're so well-read."

    21. "You're right, gender IS a social construct."

    22. "God you're so smart."

    23. "If I could smash the patriarchy for you, I would."

    24. "Your gif collection of puppies eating ice cream is the best I've ever seen."

    25. "I agree, you could definitely pull off the grey hair look."

    26. "I reckon you could pull off any hair colour tbh."

    27. "I can see why you like Ryan Gosling."

    28. "You clearly have good taste in men."

    29. "And your memory bank of Donna Meagle quotes is incredible."

    30. "Yes, you should treat yo'self to another drink."

    31. "It's amazing how passionate you are about Toy Story 3. Buzz and Jessie ARE an iconic love story"

    32. "Honestly, I think you love Disney the perfect amount."

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    33. "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Taylor Swift?"

    34. "Actually, now you mention it, you're a bit like Beyoncé too."

    35. "It's just something about your aura."

    36. "I'm actually kind of surprised you agreed to go out with me."

    37. "Because you're awesome."

    38. "Your nose crinkles in the most adorable way when you smile."

    39. "And you have the best laugh."

    40. "Seriously, how do I make you laugh like that again? It's incredible."

    41. "You're so confident."

    42. "It's fantastic you know how fantastic you are."

    43. "And aren't afraid to show it."

    44. "Tea-bag collecting? That's really interesting, tell me more."

    45. "I admire a lady who Pinterests."

    46. "Your flats look great. Heels are overrated."

    47. "Wine-drinking is a great hobby."

    48. "I'm really glad I got to participate in your wine-drinking hobby with you."

    49. "Oh look at that, you can sing like Taylor Swift as well."

    50. "And Beyoncé. You can sing like Beyoncé too."

    51. "That is a bang-on impression of Single Ladies."

    52. "You're a very elegant dancer."

    53. "The twerking IS a little offbeat, but in a really endearing way."

    54. "It's nearly midnight already? I've been completely engrossed in our conversation."

    55. "I totally respect your decision to get the last train home."

    56. "I totally respect your decision to miss the last train and come home with me."

    57. "Do I want to see you again? Erm, YES. Are you free next week?"

    58. "Also, you're hot."

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