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    These Pencil Sets Can Basically Read Your Mind

    Listen carefully.

    1. These hard workers.

    2. These pooch-loving pencils.

    By Ohh Deer, £8.95.

    3. These wanderlusting writers.

    By Earmark, £10.67.

    4. These Mean Girls fans.

    These sticklers for grammar.

    5. These Gilmore Girls-quoting delights.

    By Life Is Rosier, £9.51.

    6. These clever so-and-so's.

    7. These adventurous pencils.

    By Earmark, £5.55.

    8. These pencils that ask the right questions.

    9. These sassy scribblers.

    10. These curious pencils.

    11. These friendly fellas.

    By Losers Ink, £4.

    12. These potty-mouthed pencils.

    13. These fairy-believing jotters.

    14. These rule-abiding pencils.

    15. These pencils that want a biscuit.

    By Earmark, £5.55.

    16. These done-with-your-shit writers.

    17. These motivational slogans.

    Bu Icey Designs, £11.05.

    18. These Harry Potter scribblers.

    By Easily Suede, £3.75.

    19. These savvy pencils.

    20. These pencils for mathematicians.

    21. These honest little guys.

    22. These scientists-in-the-making.

    23. These Frozen fans.

    24. These whimsical writers.

    By Heythrprincess, £2.38.

    25. These pretty pink bad boys.

    26. These calming pencils.

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