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27 Brilliant Songs You Need In Your June Playlist

Songs for the cusp of summer.

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1. "Coachella – Woodstock in my Mind" by Lana Del Rey

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I'm addicted to Lana's new festival song, and I say this as someone who went to a festival once, nearly had a breakdown because of the stress of camping, and only made it through after buying earplugs, a hot water bottle, extra thick socks and getting into my sleeping bag at 11 every night.

2. "Me & U" by Dominique


I have been listening to Dominique's cover of Cassie's original song over and over and it's just so good. Pro tip: summer is 100% the season for covers.

3. "Don't Kill My Vibe" by Sigrid

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DON'T KILL MY VIBE, I scream at a pool full of startled strangers, clutching a giant ice cream floatie and a unicorn ice frappe. Behold friends: my new motto for summer 2K17.

4. "Uncool" by Kuizz

Because every June I vow to be super cool this season and not take any awkward pictures in front of walls of graffiti and every summer I fail miserably so I guess I'm just embracing my lack of coolness now? Catch me in my final form at your local rooftop bar enthusing to anyone who'll listen about how nice the sunset is.

5. "Bad Liar" by Selena Gomez

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Set over the bassline of the Talking Head's 1974 song, "Psycho Killer", this contained but still pop-tastic song from Selena is hypnotically good.


7. "Green Light" by Beyonce

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In summer you are fabulous so feel free to give the green light to any other halves not pulling their weight or taking enough killer Instagrams of you.

9. "Got Body" by Lion Babe

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BECAUSE THE BEACH IS GOING TO GET ANY BODY I SEE FIT TO GIVE IT. And I'll do it while listening to this super smooth track from Lion Babe. Added bonus: her below cover of She's A Lady is brilliant too.


10. "Glamorous" by Fergie ft. Ludacris (80s Remix)

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I'm obsessed with this 80s remix of Glamorous – I was never that into the original song, but this is the upbeat dance remix that I never knew my summer needed. FYI, the 80s remixes of pop songs music niche is a rabbit hole just waiting for you to fall down.

12. "Signal" by Twice

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Ridiculously catchy rhythms from everyone's favourite kpop dream queens.


13. "I'm The One" by DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber

Yes, I like Justin Bieber ok? Get out of my comments section men who only listen to vinyl and Bob Dylan, THIS PLAYLIST ISN'T FOR YOU. I cannot stop listening to this song and I feel zero shame about it.

14. "Keep Me Jealous" by The Sam Willows

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This Singaporean pop sensation is the hero my summer both deserves AND needs.

16. "Hey Mamma" by Sunstroke Project

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17. "Wish I Knew You" by The Revivalists

The Revivalists

Nostalgic soft rock 'n' roll. I don't know what's more summery than that. Yes, I know it's still *technically* spring, but LOOK TO THE FUTURE GUYS. I'm over spring. Bring on summer.

18. "Me Enamoré" by Shakira

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This reggae-inspired track from Shakira, she of the truthful hips, is a total bop.

19. "24 Hrs" by Janelle Krol (Tyzo Remix)

The original is great, but it's the remix that's ticking all my boxes. This is the song you can gently sway to without looking like a total dork at every party this summer. Or dance like a total dork, I'm here for that too.

20. "Palette" by IU ft. G-Dragon

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"I got this, I’m truly fine / I think I know a little bit about myself now". You tell them IU. You tell them.

22. "Still Got Time" by Zayn ft Party Next Door

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I feel like Zayn is kind of a fuckboy, but also this song is MY. JAM. The build to the chorus is addictive, and also summer is kind of fuckboy season so really this tune is fitting? I dunno. Listen to this instead of getting with fuckboys and it's all good, I guess.

23. "Party's Over" by Astrid S

Astrid S has got a new song out, and let's just be honest with each other here guys, I'll listen to anything this woman puts out – her voice is my music crack.

24. "Good Day" by Yellow Claw ft. DJ Snake and Elliphant

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An 80s new wave feel mixed with modern drops. I'm into it.

26. "Dove" by Pillar Point

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You see the woman in this video? This is who I will be in summer. This is my entire summer mood board in one video. Notes on where to get her pink fluffy jacket in the comments please.

27. "Love Galore" by Sza

Sza is a mega babe and this song is the soundtrack for all your poorly thought out summer flings. It's also great for when you're ready to throw your windows open, turn on a fan and hardcore chill out.

This is a monthly series. Let me know what you think should be in my July playlist in the comments or tweet me.

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