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22 Songs You Need In Your April Playlist

Drake, Paramore, Minzy and more.

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1. "Hard Times" by Paramore.

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PARAMORE HAS A NEW SONG AND IT IS EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS. 80's tinged, alt-pop beats and a neon fever dream of a music video. Gimme.

2. "So Good" by Amery.


This pop tune from new Belgium artist Amery is all the pep you need in your step this month. Mellow but still bright, it's the epitome of April aesthetic.


3. "Ninano" by Minzy.

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Yes, it is devastating that 2NE1 broke up, and I am still not over it, but Minzy's new release is definitely helping. One: she is fierce AF in the music video. Two: this song is SO CATCHY. Pro tip: Superwoman (below) is also very good.

5. "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar.

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All the issues about whether or not this song is woke aside, this is a brilliant tune and the video is flawlessly shot. My hot take: it's probs not the feminist masterpiece people have been saying it is, but it's still bloody good.

7. "1 Night" by Mura Masa and Charli XCX.

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I love Mura Masa and I love Charli XCX and I love this beautiful love child of a song featuring both of them.


9. "Let Me Out" by Gorillaz.

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It've been seven years since the last album, but Gorilaz are back and have brought with them this gorgeous synth-heavy tune that mashes up gospel and RnB sounds with EDM hooks.

11. "Heartstrings" by Leighton Meester.

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This song is soothing springtime pleasures wrapped up in a musical package. Plus Leighton Meester is a babe. Nuff said.


13. "Come Closer" by WizKid and Drake.

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"I'm here for you, just tell me what you like. I wanna put you in my life." More lyrics like this please. Also, if you've been getting tired of listening to "One Dance" over and over, this will give you the same vibes but switch it up.

14. "Soap" by Fox Wilde.

April is when I start to crack out the infectious pop anthems like no tomorrow, and this is no exception. Bouncy rhythms and a catchy hook. I'm a 14-year-old tumblr girl at heart and I love it.

"Really Really" by Winner.

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15. "Blem" by Drake.


Drake's new album is all bloody brilliant, but Blem is my favourite track. It's so chill but not TOO chill like I listen to this and I am relaxed but also could maybe dance which is always a good headspace to be in.

16. "33 'God'" by Bon Iver.

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Shoutout to the commenter who told me about Bon Iver's new album on last month's playlist. I did not know that there was a new Bon Iver album AND THAT IS A SHAME I WILL CARRY WITH ME UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. If you listen to one song off the album make it this one: It's uplifting and soothing and trance-like and all things good.

19. "Ne Me Quitte Pas" by Regina Spektor.

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Because springtime in Paris is the best springtime. And this is the musical equivalent on that.

20. "Laugh Clown" by Xenia Rubinos

Xenia Rubinos

I'm pretty into everything Xenia Rubinos puts out, but this soulful anthem is perfect. Her voice is magic (all the time but especially in this) and the vibe hazy but still punchy.

21. "Anymore" by Goldfrapp.

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Minimalist electronica and a weirdly entrancing video. It can only be Goldfrapp.

22. "Glorious" by Tkay Maidza.

Tkay Maidza

This song is a banger and if you don't think so you are dead to me. Well, maybe not dead to me, but I will give you side eye when you're not looking.

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This is a monthly series. Let me know what you think should be in my May playlist in the comments or tweet me.


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