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    31 Things From Wayfair That Will Magically Give Your Home More Space

    Your humble (re cramped) abode is going to feel so roomy once you add some space-saving-nesting tables, a kitchen cart, and a storage ottoman to the mix.

    1. An adjustable ladder that's so versatile, you'll probably need one for every room in the house! It has four rails that can be extended from 16 to 24 inches and notched hooks at the ends of each.

    2. A pair of nesting tables with removable lids, so you can use the bases as baskets for your extra pillows, toys, or snacks.

    3. A two-tier pull-out drawer because your cabinets are inexplicably deep while your pantry is inexplicably nonexistent.

    A wood and metal two-tier pull-out drawer holding pantry staples in a kitchen cabinet

    4. Or a pullout drawer for your Tupperware collection that has grown to such an overwhelming extent you're willing to dedicate an entire cabinet to get it under control.

    A wooden pull-out drawer holding food containers

    5. A kitchen utensil organizer that can be trimmed with a table saw so that it looks like it was custom-made to fit into your drawer.

    A wooden kitchen utensil organizer holding a variety of tools

    6. Or a pair of dividers for extra-deep drawers holding an extra-large collection of cooking tools.

    A pair of wooden, adjustable drawer dividers separating kitchen utensils and silverware

    7. An underbed shoe bag (with slots for 12 pairs of shoes) so you can tuck your summer sandals out of the way when you have to put your bulky boots on display.

    A white, under-bed shoe bag with a clear cover holding 12 pairs of shoes

    8. A monitor riser that'll make your desk more ergonomic while also providing some very subtle organization solutions.

    A bamboo monitor riser holding pens, a car key, a phone, and a computer monitor

    9. A rolling storage tower, because your laundry room is more of a laundry closet, and you don't have nearly enough space for all of your supplies. It's only 5 inches thick, so you can tuck right between your washer and dryer and roll it out when you need to grab the detergent.

    A white, plastic cart on caster wheels with three shelves holding laundry supplies

    10. A mirror that will store just about every piece of jewelry you own. The interior has notches for hanging earrings, wedges for studs, hooks for necklaces, and a bar for bracelets.

    11. An 18-piece spice jar and rack set so you don't have to frantically hunt around a cluttered cabinet to find your coriander while your stove is burning your dinner.

    A wooden wall-mounted spice rack holding 18 labeled jars of spices

    12. A laundry drying line that takes up less space than a paper towel roll but can be stretched long enough that you can air-dry your entire wardrobe right in the bathroom.

    13. A cosmetics organizer with slots for your brushes, tubes, and pencils as well as shelf space for your palettes and bottles, because an artist can't be distracted by a messy toolbox while they're working on creating a masterpiece.

    A freestanding bamboo makeup organizer with two shelves and a variety of differently sized holes

    14. A kitchen cart so brilliantly designed that it has literally everything you need in a workspace from the built-in knife block to the deep cabinet which can store at least two of your kitchen appliances when you're not using them.

    A white kitchen cart on casters with a large cabinet, an open shelf, a skinny drawer, a wood countertop, and an attached towel rack

    15. Or a four-piece acrylic organizer for a makeup collection that is a bit more, ahem, substantial.

    An acrylic cosmetic holder with 12 drawers and an upright unit attached to the top

    16. A hanging planter with three pots, so you can put your babies in the sunlight, even if you don't have a window sill for them to live on.

    A set of three white planters with brass handles hanging from a white bar in a window

    17. A desk organizer set because your work area is too teeny to let all of that vertical space go to waste. Plus, the sculptural design makes for a neat piece of decor that is totally practical.

    A wooden vertical desk organizer unit with four shelves

    18. A shelf divider so that each of your purses can have its own cubby. The better you treat your purses, the longer they'll look as beautiful as the day you bought them!

    A light blue unit with 10 cubbies on a closet shelf holding purses and a hat

    19. An over-the-toilet set of shelves, because you can't let that vertical space go to waste when your bathroom is just slightly larger than your closet.

    A chrome over-the-toilet storage unit with three shelves

    20. A set of drawers with built-in dividers so you don't have to cram your socks, underwear, and scarves into a single drawer in your overburdened armoire.

    A chest of five light-wood drawers with built-in dividers in a black pipe frame

    21. A linen cabinet that snuggles into a corner in order to conserve as much space as possible in your very small powder room.

    A taupe, triangular linen cabinet with two doors and three exposed shelves

    22. A linen cabinet, so that you don't have to run to the utility closet with your pants around your ankles to grab an extra toilet paper roll. The tissue paper holder is an added (genius) bonus.

    A white storage cabinet holding three rolls of toilet paper and a box of tissues

    23. An rectangular storage ottoman that'll add sneaky and stylish space to every room in the house. It'll look great whether it's placed near the end of the bed, in the entryway, or in front of your living room couch.

    24. A ladder bookcase with a barebones silhouette because a more traditional unit would make your teeny room appear cluttered.

    A ladder bookcase with dark wood shelves and black rails holding plants

    25. A coffee table with tray top and storage that refuses to waste an inch of space. It has a lifting mechanism, so you can bring the tabletop closer to the couch, a spacious storage chest, a well for storing remotes and other items that you need to keep easily accessible, and a base that works as a shelf.

    A gray wood coffee table with a lift-top and brass legs

    26. A platform bed with drawers at the foot of the frame so you can really put that dead space to work.

    A dark brown wooden platform bed frame with a headboard sans mattress

    27. A full-length mirror that you can hang on the wall opposite the window in order to make the room seem larger and brighter than it actually is. Sorcery!

    A full-length mirror with a black, arched frame

    28. A floating desk so you can create a mini office in the corner of your bedroom. The cabinet has folder holders, cord management pass-throes, and a corkboard on one of the doors.

    A dark wooden, floating desk holding a computer, a photo, and a cup of coffee on the work surface as well as a photo and vases on the top

    29. A wall storage organizer that looks and behaves like a sturdy piece of furniture, but doesn't touch the ground.

    A shelving unit made of four metal baskets mounted on a cabinet door holding water bottles, jars, cookbooks, and a plant.

    30. A rust-resistant shower caddy so that you don't need to precariously prop all of your products on the edge of the tub.

    A black, wire shower caddy hanging from a shower head

    31. A hall tree and shoe storage that'll help you resist the urge to drop your sneakers, bag, and coat in a heap right when you walk in the door.

    A dark wood and black hall tree with five shelves, a bench, and four hooks

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