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    29 Things From Walmart That Might Inspire A New DIY Project

    What's cooler than people complimenting your home? People complimenting your home which you totally DIYed.

    1. A six-pack of brush pens, because you've been drooling over bullet journal pages on Instagram and could really use another incentive to get your life organized.

    2. A roll of painter's tape so you can make some really satisfying color-blocking projects.

    3. A bottle of mod podge, which is basically the icing on top of so many crafts.

    4. A six-pack of embroidery hoops if you've always wanted to own some sassy, cross-stitched wall art.

    5. A ball of chunky yarn so you can make a blanket so thick that getting off the couch will break your dang heart.

    6. A 40-pack of magnets that you can incorporate into dozens of projects, from bottle openers to dish plates.

    7. A 14-pack of oven-bake clay so you can make a variety of gorgeous knickknacks — such as ring holders and keychain charms — and have a whole bunch of fun doing it.

    8. An X-Acto knife that'll see you through thick and can even make clean cuts in cardboard!

    9. A paint brush set if you would prefer to be called an artiste by your friends and family.

    10. A two-pound block of soap base so you can hop in the tub with a delightful soap that looks and smells exactly how you want.

    11. A sewing machine if you've watched so much Project Runway that it would be weird if you didn't try to make your own clothes.

    12. A block of beeswax so you can give your Valentine some *scentsational* candles. They'll certainly last longer than a bouquet or box of chocolates.

    13. A six-pack of floating picture frames, because you are devastated by the idea that your gorgeous garden's blooms are gonna die off at the end of the season. Dry them out and pop them into these frames so you can admire them for years to come!

    14. A rotary cutter and ruler combo if you can't cut a straight line to save your life. It'll come in handy whether you're into scrapbooking, making greeting cards, or sewing.

    15. A watercolor pad so your paint won't bleed all over the page.

    16. A 100-yard roll of macrame, because you've always wanted to accessorize your bedroom to make it more boho-themed.

    17. A bottle of spray paint that you can use to turn trash into gilded treasure.

    18. A 16-piece tool set so you can design and make your own jewelry.

    19. A Cricut machine that is basically the ultimate crafting tool — it can cut, write on, and score over 100 different materials!

    20. A woodburning tool so you can monogram all of the gifts you build for your favorite people.

    21. A glue gun that'll *stick* with you through all over your crafting adventures.

    22. A bag of pillow polyester, because you always want to live with your head up in the clouds.

    23. A 50-pack of scrapbooking paper so you can make your memories even more beautiful than they already are.

    24. A 13-piece sketching set if black-and-white art is more your style.

    25. A bottle of chalkboard paint so you can turn an old plate into a delightful cheese board.

    26. A 4-pack of crochet hooks if you've been knitting for years and are ready for a new challenge.

    27. A table easel so you can practice your Bob Ross impression.

    28. An 18-pack of leafing sheets to give your crafts a silvery sheen.

    29. A heat-transfer machine so you can personalize all of your clothing — you can leave cool patterns on your favorite sneakers or print funny messages on baseball caps!

    You looking at all your DIY supplies:

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