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    Want Plants In Your Home But Don't Know Where To Put Them? These DIY Macrame Plant Hangers Are The Perfect Solution

    You're house is gonna be zen AF.

    DIY Macrame Plant Hanger


    1 mason jar or small pot

    32 feet of preferred rope or twine

    1 inch metal ring, optional

    Enough potting soil to fill your mason jar or pot

    Seeds of choice



    1. Cut your rope into 4 pieces, each measuring 8 feet. (For a longer hanger, use as much rope as you like, and cut it into 4 even pieces.)

    2. Bunch the 4 pieces together and fold at the center. All of the ends should fall to same length.

    3. If you do not have a metal ring, simply use the 8 ends (because they’re folded in half) to tie a knot near the top (the folded end) of the rope. You should end up with an eye loop that you can wrap around a doorknob or hand on a hook. If you do have the metal ring, start by feeding the folded end of your ropes through the ring. Then bring the 8 ends of rope through the space between the metal ring and the folded end of the ropes. Pull tight and the rope should be secured to the metal ring with the 8 ends hanging together at the bottom.

    4. To make the knotting step very easy, hook your metal ring or eye loop over a coat hook, door knob, or even your toe!

    5. Spread out each of the 8 ropes hanging from the top and make sure none are tangled or overlapping. Take the two ropes at the far left and tie a simple knot about ⅓ of the way up from the bottom by laying the two ends back over themselves and feeding them through the loop that is created. Do this to the next two ropes that are next to each other, and continue until you have 4 knots.

    6. Next, spread out the two ropes that fall from each of the 4 knots, allowing them to cross each other where they naturally want to. You will end up with 1 rope out to the left and 1 rope out to the right, and 3 Xs in the middle.

    7. Now, tie a knot where those Xs meet, adjust as necessary so that they are all the same distance from the knots above them. Once you’ve tied the 3 Xs, take the rope on the left and the rope on the right and knot them to match the others.

    8. This is when you’ll want to place your mason jar or pot into the ropes (don’t let go of it, we’re not finished!) to see if the knots are going to sit where you want them. If they’re too close together or too far apart, untie them and adjust so that they fall where you want them.

    9. Finally, bundle all 8 rope ends together at the bottom, lay them over themselves and feed back through the loop that is created. This will form the bottom knot that your jar or pot sits on. Again, this can be adjusted higher or lower to your preference.

    10. Place your soil and seeds into your container, give it some water, and place it in its fancy new hanger!