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    Catch Your Caps With This Magnetic Mounted Bottle Opener

    In: magnetic bottle opener; Out: flip-flop bottle opener


    3 x 12 inch piece of wood

    2-inch Forstner drill bit, $16.79

    Table clamp, $10

    2-inch round magnets, $6.98

    Industrial glue, $7.76

    Bottle opener wall attachment, $3.95

    1. Secure the end of a 3 x 12 inch plank to the edge of a table.

    2. Use the drill bit to make two depressions in the wood, about 1/2 an inch apart. They should be just deep enough to fit the magnet which is a little over an inch thick.

    3. Remove the wood from the clamp. Coat the bottom of the magnets with industrial glue and fit it in the depression.

    4. Flip the plank of wood over and attach the bottle opener to the opposite end of the plank.

    5. Mount your bottle opener on the wall with screws or with removable adhesive strips that can hold at least 9 pounds.

    6. Pop the cap off your bottle and the magnet will catch the cap.

    Watch the full video here.

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