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    16 Household Items You Probably Didn't Know You Could Clean With

    Potatoes for a dirty grill and mayo for doodles on the wall.

    1. Crumple eggshells in a pan to give your sponge some extra scouring power.

    2. Or shake the shells up in a jar or vase with soapy water to scrub the interior, if you can't actually reach inside with a sponge.

    3. Deodorize your shoes with used tea bags to keep your closet from smelling like feet.

    4. Ferment citrus peels to make a non-toxic cleaner that has a lovely smell.

    5. Freeze citrus peels in white vinegar to clean out a garbage disposal and make it smell extra fresh.

    6. Collect used dryer sheets to dust off your electronics.

    7. Rub away water stains and burn marks on wood furniture with a bit of mayo.

    8. Pry gum off the floor with a splash of cola.

    9. Drop denture tablets in the toilet and let them fizz away at rings and stains.

    10. Spruce up a scuffed leather couch with the inside of a banana peel.

    11. Clean permament marker off the walls with a spritz of hairspray.

    12. Or rub crayon doodles off the walls with a bit of mayo.

    13. Scrub down a grimy grill with vegetable oil, salt, and a potato.

    14. Rub a little toothpaste on yellowing piano keys to get them pearly white.

    15. Mix crushed aspirin in water to remove sweat stains.

    16. Remove sticker label residue with a glob of peanut butter.