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    12 Home Upgrades That'll Make Renters Say "Why Didn't I Know About This Sooner?"

    Conceal boob lights with lampshades and hang plants without drilling holes.

    1. Dress your walls in fabric if you love patterns, but hate contact wallpaper.

    2. Stick light strips underneath your cabinets to give your kitchen a heavenly glow.

    3. Hang strands of fake flowers along the wall so you don't have to buy a fresh bouquet every week.

    4. Conceal an ugly light fixture with a large lampshade that's more your style.

    5. Suspend a rod across your cabinets so you can hang plants without drilling holes in the ceiling.

    6. Or roll in a garment rack to hang the plants closer to the window.

    7. Prop a ladder against the wall to hang towels, blankets, magazines, or accessories.

    8. Cut out and paint foam sheets to add a funky pattern to white walls.

    9. Decorate your backsplash with patterned tile stickers.

    10. Hang string lights over your dining room table if the lighting in there just isn't as cozy as you'd like.

    11. Disguise outdoor eyesores with a wall of fake ivy.

    12. Collage your photos with magazine clippings and cool posters so they can still look cool without frames.