15 Renter-Friendly Decor Tricks That Are Totally Gorgeous

    "When they said you can’t buy love / Now I know you can rent it."

    1. Keep a shoe tray at the front door, then encourage everyone to take off their shoes.

    2. Try removable wallpaper if the white is looking a little bland.

    3. Or stick washi tape on the walls, the doors, the cabinets, and everywhere else.

    4. To avoid drilling holes in the wall, hang curtains on a tension rod or reusable adhesive hooks.

    5. Hang your clothing from a rack made of wooden dowels and copper pipe elbows if the closet is teeny.

    6. Lay down a rug that will protect your floors and brighten up a room.

    7. Hang a gallery wall (without ruining your walls) with adhesive strips.

    8. Or clip photos to string lights or wire and switch them out whenever you print new shots.

    9. String up a wall hanging if you're more into art than photos.

    10. Or stack knick-knacks on floating shelves that won't scar the walls.

    11. And prop heavier items against the wall.

    12. If you do drill holes in your wall, patch 'em with spackle before you move out.

    13. Glue wine corks to the legs of your furniture to prevent scratching.

    14. Use peel and stick subway tiles to dress up an ugly bathroom.

    15. Disguise outdoor eyesores with walls of ivy.

    However you decorate, remember these three smart tips: