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    21 Cleaning Products From Amazon You'll Probably Want If You're A Pet Owner

    Everything pet-lovers need to keep their homes clean from mini carpet cleaners to odor eliminators.

    1. A pet hair broom and squeegee that'll make you wonder what your traditional broom was actually doing. The rubber's electrostatic properties attract the hair (whether it's littering your wood floors or wedged deep into your plush carpets) and push it all together into a compact pile that you can pick up and toss in the trash without much fuss.

    A model using the rubber broom to sweep up dirt and pet hair

    2. A 100-pack of grooming wipes so they won't track dirt in every time they return from a romp in the dog park. They are large enough for big puppers, are made of sustainably harvested bamboo fiber, and made of hypoallergenic ingredients such as aloe vera that will keep their coats and paws conditioned.

    The bamboo-based, hypoallergenic grooming wipes in front of a large dog

    3. A pooper scooper that'll make this particular chore way less gross. The bag-lined swivel bin is large enough to handle quite a few poops and the rake will make it easier to pull them out of the grass.

    A model pushing dog poop into a bag-covered swivel bin with a rake

    4. And the matching swivel bin liner bags to do a much better job of disguising the stench than your old grocery bags.

    A model tucking a liner bag into the swivel bin

    5. A stain-remover pad, so you never have to do any scrubbing or blotting again. Just stomp on the pad, leave it to soak for a few hours if it's a tough stain, then toss it in the garbage. No rinsing necessary.

    Reviewer's picture of sheets removing pee stains with caption "wow these things are amazing"

    6. Or a professional-strength stain and odor remover if your pet absolutely opens the floodgates when they have accidents in the house. This product has over 25,000 reviews on Amazon and almost all of them are positive. 'Nuff said.

    7. A four-pack of charcoal bags so you can deodorize the rooms that smell like dog without using perfumes and chemicals that don't really smell that much better and can be dangerous for your furry friends. If you place them in the sun to dry out every month or so, they can last up to two years.

    A blue, pyramid-shaped bag of charcoal

    8. A grooming sprayer and scrubber tool for the pets who just hate getting a bath. This tool can be easily attached to the shower or hose so that you can manage the pressure and have a bit more control over the stream.

    A hand directing the grooming tool at a dog

    9. A pet hair remover that works better, is less wasteful, and is way more effective than a lint roller. It uses a long row of micro-bristles to pick up hair and has a base that pulls all of the hair off the brush in one stroke.

    10. A bagless, upright vacuum cleaner with a clear window to the dirt bin, so you can see that you've basically sucked a second creature out of your carpet. It's got a triple-action brush roller that'll actually capture the massive amounts of hair your dog sheds every day, no matter what type of flooring you have.

    The vacuum's dirt bin being emptied of large amounts of hair into the garbage can

    11. A lightweight, compact carpet cleaner, because everything else is basically only a temporary solution if you live with animals. It has a brush roll that is specifically designed for cleaning pet messes, a dual-tank system that keeps the dirty water from the clean, and a heating element that will ensure that your carpet dries in a jiffy.

    The carpet cleaner cutting a bright, clean line on a dark, dirty carpet

    12. A 50-pack of dander-reducing wipes that'll make your kitty even softer and more beautiful than they already are. They also ease irritation, moisturize skin, and prevent shedding which will be great for both you and your little angel.

    13. An air purifier so you can get rid of your sneezing and the itchiness in your eyes without getting rid of your beloved pets. This small but mighty machine will quickly clean the air of all the pet dander, pet hair, and any other allergens that might be aggravating you using a very quiet fan.

    14. A vet-formulated enzymatic toothpaste and toothbrush because you need something that effectively cleans their teeth without making the process too unpleasant for the both of you. The toothpaste isn't as stinky as other brands of toothpaste, and the triple-headed tooth-brush will do a much better job cleaning all sides of their teeth.

    Dog licking the toothbrush

    15. A self-cleaning, hooded litter box so you don't have to obsessively scoop out their poop in order to prevent your home from smelling. Just toss the tray every other week or so and the box will do the rest of the work for you.

    The self-cleaning litter box with a purple roof

    16. And a 40-pound box of cat clumping cat litter that'll seal in odor and create solid rock clumps that are easy to scoop without releasing any dust.

    A cat in a box of the litter

    17. A cat litter mat for knowing your cat will stop tracking litter all over the house. It's soft on paws, water-resistant, and machine-washable.

    The large, gray cat litter mat

    18. A 30-pack of pet-mess towels that are 10 times more absorbent than regular paper towels. The leak-proof backing ensures that you never have to experience the icky feeling of pee or poo seeping through the towel and onto your hands. 🤢

    A foot stepping on an Abzorbitall towel (which is ten times more absorbent than a paper towel) that is flipped up to show the pee stain on the bottom side

    19. A fabric protector, because this'll help you get through the house-training phase without hiding all of your rugs and wrapping all of your furniture in plastic. Once you spray it, the mess will sit on the surface until you blot it away.

    Water beading on upholstery

    20. A six-pack of laundry balls if your clothing always looks like you just rolled around with your dogs, no matter how many times you wash them.

    A blue laundry ball covered in hair balls

    21. And a bottle of natural insecticide that'll clear the bugs out of your home without harming your pets.

    You once you realize that there is no pet mess you can't handle:

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