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We Can Guess Your Birth Order Based On Your Reaction To These Gifts

Classic middle child syndrome *eye roll*

  1. You unwrapped this mini waffle maker that'll be perfect for Sunday mornings. Are you gonna keep it?
  2. You unwrapped a phone wallet that holds everything you need for a night out. Do you love it or are you going to re-gift it?

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed
  3. You found a brand new pair of wireless headphones under the tree. Was it the perfect gift?
  4. You've been complaining about how much your feet hurt so your mom got you a foot roller. Are you keeping it?
  5. You dug this pretty candle out of a bunch of tissue paper and it smells like cinnamon and vanilla. Are you gonna light it?
  6. You received a funny book that you actually haven't read. Are you going to read it or take the trek back to Barnes & Noble to exchange it?

    Berkley /
  7. You got this cool lip gloss that makes all of your lipsticks look iridescent in a gift exchange. Are you gonna try it out?
  8. A buddy bought you a cozy new throw for your couch. Do you love it?
  9. Your mom found this neat pair of gold earrings and immediately thought of you. Do they have a place in your jewelry box?

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