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    17 Amazing Gifts From Walmart That Any Sports Fan Will Love

    Basketballs, boxing gloves, baseball caps, and terrible towels to prove you're their ~biggest fan~.

    1. A baseball cap for keeping the sun out of their eyes at the next Yankees game.

    2. A barbecue set, because this'll always be used by the Wyoming Cowboys fan who loves to grill outside.

    3. A Warriors basketball that they can use to practice their three-pointer.

    4. A set of 49ers car mats so they can keep the floor clean after a rowdy tailgate.

    5. An Alex Morgan jersey they can wear to rep one of the best players in the soccer league.

    6. A portable chair for the Packers fan who just wants to sit back and relax all summer long.

    7. A mini Carolina Hurricanes hockey set, because they'll want to learn to play like their favorite team.

    8. A Terps dress for their pup so they can both *cheer* from the sidelines.

    9. A set of collector toy cars they can play with after a NASCAR race.

    10. A Spurs hoodie to keep them cozy while they watch the game on the couch.

    11. A Falcons five-piece baby gift set for your littlest fan.

    12. A comforter set, because they're a Nationals fan day, night, and all year round.

    13. A set of Miami Dolphins shower hooks so they can smoothly *throw* the curtain aside.

    14. A Rams-style stackers set they can play with when the game isn't on.

    15. An Orlando City tapestry to proudly hang in their dorm room.

    16. A Pittsburgh terrible towel they can wave at the next Steelers game.

    17. A set of fighting gloves signed by Conor McGregor, so they can learn to to throw a punch.

    Your ride or die fan is going to love it.

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