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    20 Ways To Make Your Bed The Most Comfortable Place On Earth

    Body pillow > summer bae.

    1. String some lights above your bed to add a little magic.

    2. Or hang your bedside lamp so that you get good lighting without crowding your nightstand.

    3. Compile the perfect amount of pillows so that you want to spontaneously leap back into bed the second you make it.

    4. Add a body pillow to the mix to reach prime snuggliness.

    5. Toss on a plushy faux-fur throw to stay warm when you aren't ready to get under the covers...

    6. Or, if you're a knitter, try some "extreme knitting" for the bulkiest, comfiest, snuggliest looking thing on the planet.

    7. Add a pocket to your blanket so your feet are always warm.

    8. Spray your sheets with soothing smells like lavender and vanilla.

    9. Throw down an extra fuzzy bedside rug to make things easier for your feet in the morning.

    10. Attach some foam to a peg board to save money on a tufted headboard.

    11. Or, drape fabric on wall hooks for a luxe half-canopy look.

    12. Hide your bed away with some curtains.

    13. Skip the top sheet and just put a nice washable duvet cover on your comforter.

    14. And get bedding that is blue.

    15. If you prefer bed sheets, learn the hospital corner tuck to prevent waking up with them somehow tucked under your back and on top of your head.

    16. And try linen sheets instead of cotton to let your legs ~breathe~.

    17. Use a tray if you can't resist eating in bed to keep the crumbs out of your sheets.

    18. Add a mattress pad to melt like butter every time.

    19. Make your bed every (!) day (!).

    20. When all else fails: Find someone furry to share your bed with.