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    20 Ways To Make Your Bed The Most Comfortable Place On Earth

    Body pillow > summer bae.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. String some lights above your bed to add a little magic.

    Get these pretty firefly lights from Urban Outfittters for $28.

    2. Or hang your bedside lamp so that you get good lighting without crowding your nightstand.

    This is a great option for a tiny room, too. Find more photos of this room that reaches prime snugness on A Daily Something.

    3. Compile the perfect amount of pillows so that you want to spontaneously leap back into bed the second you make it.

    Check out Catherine Heraghty's pillows on Adore Magazine. She suggests choosing two European pillows, four standard pillows, and three cushions, but whatever makes you ~coziest~ will do the trick.

    4. Add a body pillow to the mix to reach prime snuggliness.

    It also works well as a barrier if bae is a kicker/if snuggling is a hard no.

    The Aller-Ease body pillow ($16.55) is a best seller on Amazon. See the Little Green Notebook to see how they made the cover.

    5. Toss on a plushy faux-fur throw to stay warm when you aren't ready to get under the covers...

    6. Or, if you're a knitter, try some "extreme knitting" for the bulkiest, comfiest, snuggliest looking thing on the planet.

    Get the pattern from All About Ami. If you don't knit, you can buy one on Etsy for $44.10.

    7. Add a pocket to your blanket so your feet are always warm.

    You need sewing skills for this trick. If you have them, head over to Aesthetic Nest for the tutorial. If you don't, you can buy one on Amazon for $9.95.

    8. Spray your sheets with soothing smells like lavender and vanilla.

    Learn how to make this linen spray on Life In Reflection or buy this one on Amazon for $11.86.

    9. Throw down an extra fuzzy bedside rug to make things easier for your feet in the morning.

    Having something cozy to step out of when you have to leave your cozy bed will make you so much cozier. Check this room and all its cozy fixings on Chris Loves Julia.

    10. Attach some foam to a peg board to save money on a tufted headboard.

    This headboard DIY from BuzzFeed Nifty is super cheap and surprisingly easy to put together.

    11. Or, drape fabric on wall hooks for a luxe half-canopy look.

    See how to hang your canopy with Creating with KLC.

    12. Hide your bed away with some curtains.

    A suspension rod is a great move if your bed is tucked between two walls. Opt for blackout curtains to rest in complete darkness and seclusion. See more photos of this designer couple's home on Decor 8.

    13. Skip the top sheet and just put a nice washable duvet cover on your comforter.

    Instead of layering your bed with sheets and blankets, stick to a single duvet. That way, you have less to wash and way more warmth. Plus, you'll spend a whole lot less time making your bed. Learn how to "burrito roll" your duvet to easily put on the cover on Inhabitat.

    14. And get bedding that is blue.

    According to people with blue rooms actually sleep longer. The ganglion cells in your eye control your body's circadian rhythm. They respond to blue by telling your brain it's time for bed (as in your blood pressure and heart rate slow down).

    15. If you prefer bed sheets, learn the hospital corner tuck to prevent waking up with them somehow tucked under your back and on top of your head.

    Check out this quick tutorial video to learn the tidy tuck. While you're at it, try making your bed with sheets that are slightly damp right out of the dryer. They will be easier to stretch and maneuver.

    16. And try linen sheets instead of cotton to let your legs ~breathe~.

    17. Use a tray if you can't resist eating in bed to keep the crumbs out of your sheets.

    Drunk, hiding from roommates, or lazing in on a Sunday, we've all done it (though you totally shouldn't). Learn how to make this pretty breakfast tray from Brit+Co .

    18. Add a mattress pad to melt like butter every time.

    Try this one from Amazon for $65.99.

    19. Make your bed every (!) day (!).

    It doesn't have to be perfect, but there has been a weird amount of research that has showed that establishing this habit is really really good for you. It makes you more productive and might even help you sleep better. See more reasons why in Here's Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Single Day. Tour this couple's home on Homepolish.

    20. When all else fails: Find someone furry to share your bed with.