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    13 Clever Hacks That'll Make Cleaning Cheaper And Easier

    Mop your floors with DIY reusable Swiffer pads and clean your grout with a power scrubber.

    1. Mix equal parts dish soap and warm vinegar to clean up your bathtub.

    2. Wipe down your countertops with all-natural DIY cleaning wipes.

    3. Combine a few household items to make a cleaner that won't leave streaks on the windows.

    4. Scootch around your room with these microfiber slippers when you're feeling too lazy to actually clean.

    5. Soak socks in a cleaning solution to make reusable dust mop pads.

    6. Sprinkle baking soda all over the kitchen sink and soak the sides in vinegar to make it sparkle.

    7. Freeze lemon peels and vinegar in ice cube trays to make disposal cleaning pods.

    8. Attach a soap dispenser brush to a drill to clean your grout with some serious scrubbing power.

    9. Spray your car's interior with this nontoxic DIY car cleaner to make it look like you just picked it up from the dealer.

    10. Use watered-down vinegar to clean your stainless steel appliances without streaks.

    11. Remove rust with coke and aluminum foil.

    12. Pull gum off of surfaces with just a splash of coke.

    13. Mix up this leather conditioner to get your shoes and sofa looking spiffy again.