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27 Organizing Tips If You're Feeling Like A God Damn Mess

For when you're feeling like a walking disaster.

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2. Stand your boots up with a halved pool noodle.

3. Store accessories in an old shower caddy hanging on the back of your closet door.

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Use a Command Hook from Amazon for $2.94 to hang the shower caddy without damaging the paint.


12. Tuck the corners to seamlessly fold a fitted sheet.

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1. Fold the bottom corners up to meet the top corners with the band on the inside.

2. Tuck bottom corners into the top and pull them so they fit snuggly.

3. Fold the two new corners to meet and tuck the top into the bottom.

4. Fold longways three times over and then fold that skinny piece three times so that the whole thing fits into a snug square.

14. Attach your phone to your car's air vent with a hair band.

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Just thread the band through the vent and stretch the two links with your finger. Then, slide your phone sideways through the opening you just made and flatten your phone against the vent. The band will hold it in place.

15. Stick cupcake wrappers into cupholders to catch crumbs and other junk, and keep your car cleaner.

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The paper liners work great as long as you're not often using the cupholders for to hold drinks. If you are, use silicone cupcake liners — they'll hold up when your drinks sweat.


18. Magnetize your makeup to hang it on the wall.

20. Clear out your purse weekly so you only have one of each necessity.

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Make sure you only have one lipstick, one pen, and one pack of gum.


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