Keep Jewelry Untangled With This DIY Carousel Organizer

    Take it for a spin.


    Two blocks of scrap wood


    Pine board, 1 inch thick

    2 ¼ inch hole saw

    8 #10 screw hooks

    4 1-inch cup hooks

    0.313-inch dowel

    1 L-bracket

    2 wine corks

    Hot glue gun
    White spray paint

    Wall screws

    Drill bits



    1. Lay down two blocks of wood to use as a raised foundation for the pine board.

    2. Drill a circle of wood out from the board.

    3. Sand the edges down

    4. Screw in the 8 screw hooks around the edge of the circle, then the cup hooks on the bottom around the hole.

    5. Using hot glue, glue down a cork onto the bottom of the disc, in the middle of the cup hooks.

    6. Get a 2 to 3 inch long piece of wooden dowel and glue into the hole in the disc.

    7. Drill a ½ inch hole into the center of another cork.

    8. Put the dowel through the hole of an L Bracket.

    9. Hot glue the cork onto the wooden dowel.

    10. Spray paint with preferred color.

    11. Drill into the wall.

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